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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: AI Security Uses, Data Training, AI Skills Gap

How AI impacts data security, the need for data skill training today, and what AI skills are in short supply.

Data Stories: Safe and Scary Halloween Visualizations

Pandemic-approved holiday activities, rating the scariness of movies, and popular villain GIFs.

Challenges of Modeling COVID-19

Machine learning algorithms and data acceleration platforms offer new models for timely analysis of pandemic data.

Data Digest: How Machine Learning Works and New ML Applications

An explanation of how ML algorithms recognize patterns and how ML is being used to rediscover dead languages and help clean the oceans.

Text-Based AI in Healthcare: The Challenges and Possibilities

Leveraging AI to continuously summarize the combined healthcare literature makes it possible to give every patient the best possible treatment informed by the most current research.

How Analytics Teams Can Exploit Data Stories

As information becomes the primary power source for the digital economy, analytics teams need to evolve to leverage data stories.

Data Digest: Applications for Algorithms and Data Science Careers

Predictive analytics for planning flu vaccines, machine learning in museum design, and information for aspiring data scientists.

Data Stories: Charts Depicting Air Quality and Particles

Using data visualizations to understand the spread of wildfire smoke, how energy production affects air pollution, and the size of viruses and other particles.

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