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Practical Data Science

Using Notifications for More Proactive Dashboards

You can help your dashboard users find the information they need quickly and efficiently by building in notifications.

Data Stories: Playing with Movie Data

These data visualizations examine James Bond’s cars, Wes Anderson’s actors, and trends at the Oscars.

Q&A: Healthcare, BI, and AI

A new survey from John Snow Labs sheds light on how healthcare providers are facing BI and AI issues. David Talby, John Snow Labs’ CTO, breaks down the results.

Data Digest: Data Science as a Service, Supporting Data Projects

The benefits of data-science-as-a-service offerings, designing successful data projects, and learning to focus on data and let go of ego.

Data Stories: Methods for Making Bump Charts

Do you need to rank items over time? Take a look at some different tools for creating the chart you need.

How to Prevent Data Pipeline Engineering Burnout

There are talented data engineers out there, but they may be spending up to 90 percent their time on manual DataOps tasks. These suggestions will help them avoid burnout and be more productive.

Data Digest: Using Machine Learning in Healthcare, Chemistry, and Physics

Researchers are using ML algorithms to study COVID-19, predict chemical interactions, and model materials at the molecular level.

Data Stories: Illustrating Data about Food

These articles contain data visualizations about crop exports, pizza prices, and allergen labeling.

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