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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Data Science in Schools, Getting Hired, Protecting Data

Incorporating data science in education, creating a data science portfolio, and implementing data governance for data science.

Data Stories: Exploring Horror by the Numbers

Building a hypothetical horror film, charting jump scares, and looking back at horror’s history.

From Data to Decisions: How ModelOps Can Get You There Faster

ModelOps can help your enterprise cultivate a new way for data scientists and IT to work together and deliver faster, tangible business outcomes.

Data Digest: Using AI/ML in Hiring, Research, and Healthcare

Avoiding machine learning bias, improving machine learning documentation, and a case study for AI benefits in a hospital setting.

Data Stories: Down Payments, Real Estate, and Building Trends

Trends in the housing market, where real estate is most and least expensive, and what’s going on with lumber prices.

Self-Supervised Learning's Impact on AI and NLP

Although humans can learn from observing a few examples of a given task, ML algorithms cannot. They can, however, learn through self-supervised learning. We explain how self-supervised learning works.

Data Digest: Improving Data Science Processes, Data Visibility, and Data Architecture

Strategy advice for data scientists, the importance of data observability, and the elements of a modernized data architecture.

Unifying DW and DL: 6 Key Questions

Questions our analysts didn't have time to answer in a recent webinar highlight key considerations for moving to a unified data warehouse/data lake.

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