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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Country Sizes, Running Rivers, Deep Seas

These interactive data visualizations allow you to explore map projections, watersheds, and the depths of the ocean.

How to Overcome the Insights Gap with AI-Powered Analytics

The best way to avoid blind spots and gain granular insights is by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in data analytics. Here’s how.

Data Digest: Applying Data Science to Racing, School, and Healthcare

Using data science to improve the development and performance of race cars, the role for analytics in education, and leveraging predictive analytics for hospital operations.

Executive Q&A: Gaining Visibility into Consumers’ Online Journeys with Data Analytics

Marketers have been using data analytics to help increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Learning about its customers’ journey to purchase is critical. Here’s how Danielle Michaely, co-founder and CRO of Konnecto, recommends you put analytics to work to learn more about those journeys.

Data Stories: Love, Randomness, and Dogs

These articles use data visualizations to explore a relationship, examine a study about randomness, and have fun with dogs.

Data Digest: Data Science Skills, Careers, and Lessons

Important data science skills, common career paths, and lessons in decision-making.

A New Front in the Data Wars? How to Evaluate Data Lakehouse Table Formats

What will be the standard table format for analytics: Apache Iceberg or Delta Lake?

Democratizing Analytics for Organizational Success

Data and analytics used to be the province of anyone with a task to complete, so how did it become a field for the specialists only? How can we make it for everyone once again?

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