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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Prize-Winning Data Visualizations

Learn about designing a complex dashboard, influential illustrations, and historically important visualizations.

Anticipating Generative AI and Moving to Lower-Cost Hybrid Models

Generative AI will force many changes on both the client and the data center side. It’s not too early to assess the likely changes and be prepared.

Data Stories: Designing Effective and Interesting Data Visualizations

Making complex data clear, understanding colorblindness, and examples of unique data visualization materials.

Data Digest: Recent Applications for AI and ML

Using AI with data governance, concerns about using ML to detect rule violations, and using AI to improve energy efficiency.

How Data Experts Overcome the Toughest Web Scraping Challenges

We explore the top three challenges in web scraping and how to overcome them.

Data Stories: People on the Move

Data visualizations about moving after college, migrating to a new country, and applying for a visa.

Data Digest: Data Science and AI Training and Use

Thinking like a data scientist, scaling up AI, using AI for sales.

Data Stories: Job Automation and Biased AI Images

Two perspectives on how AI will affect employment and the issues with AI-created images.

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