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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Skating Medals, Baseball Stats, Tennis Courts

Check out these data visualizations to see different ways to visually interpret information about sports.

Data Stories: Authentic Food, Food’s Climate Impact, Malnutrition and Health

These data visualizations illustrate a humorous search for food in NYC, which foods have the greatest environmental impact, and the impact of hunger in Guatemala.

Data Digest: Supporting and Regulating AI/ML

Living up to ML hype, using AI in government agencies, and laws that may impact AI use.

Data Stories: Social Media Competition, Who Posts, Teen Use

Data visualizations about social media company actions and public usage.

Mastering AI Quality: Strategies for CDOs and Tech Leaders

AI/ML’s opaque processes challenge data quality and decision-making, emphasizing the need for understanding and control.

Data Stories: Improving Charts, Telling Stories, Installing Graphs

How to improve simple data visualizations, create a narrative visualization, and set up a physical visualization.

Data Stories: Life Expectancy, Authors’ Lives, Long-Lived Pets

Check out these data visualizations for ways to portray average human life expectancy, who lived when, and how long animals live.

How Data Science Transforms Mobile App Development

The integration of data science in mobile app development brings several benefits for both users and developers.

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