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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Charting COVID-19 Deaths and Ongoing Concerns

Some data visualizations look back over the pandemic while others keep us up to date on how the situation continues to change.

Data Digest: Data Science Career Advice

Pitfalls to avoid when getting started, the state of the industry, and advancing your data science career.

Data Digest: Tech for Space Planning, Fabric Inspection, Healthcare Data

New and innovative applications for machine learning, big data, and graph analytics.

Data Stories: Creating Clear, Effective Data Visualizations

Turning dashboards into stories, popular chart types, and basic best practices.

Data Stories: Unique Explorations of Censorship, Gaming, and Reading

These links show how data visualizations can reveal agendas, highlight code conflicts, and explain book ratings.

Data Stories: Social Media and Online Communication

Data visualizations that explore social media trends, the size of social media platforms, and the use of emoji.

Social Engineering Attacks: Preparing for What’s Coming in 2023

Everyone can improve their safety online by keeping their guard up when dealing with unknown websites and users. Watch out for these emerging types of cyberattacks.

Data Digest: Machine Learning and Data Science

Machine learning at scale, the differences between ML and data science, and why citizen data scientists need more training than you might think.

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