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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Recent Applications and Research for Machine Learning

Advice for integrating ML into decision making at multiple levels and research into faster processors.

Data Stories: Daily Routines, Famous Deaths, and Current Ages

Explore the routines of some highly creative people, the ages at which historical figures passed away, and how current life expectancy could play into how people feel about their age.

Data Digest: Perspectives on Data Science

Read advice for executives and aspiring data scientists and learn from companies with leading data science programs.

How We Applied a DevOps Mindset to Manage Our People Data

Giant organizations can develop agility, too. Here's how.

Data Digest: Bias and Other Weaknesses in Current ML

Dealing with bias in machine learning and other reasons algorithms don’t perform as expected.

Data Stories: Looking Back with Data

A snapshot of employment trends, animating pandemic data, and the year in search terms.

Using Accelerated Data Analytics to Set U.S. Vaccination Priorities

Advanced analytics -- including real-time data processing -- will be needed for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination program.

3 Trends for Data Analytics in 2021: No-Coding Storytelling, Data Sharing, and 3D Visualization

We are witnessing three trends that are gaining momentum in the industry: no-coding, enhanced data sharing, and the growing popularity of tools for 3D data visualization of geolocation data.

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