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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Advanced Analytics to Improve Climate Impact, Surgery, and Graphics

Using AI and analytics to reduce emissions from shipping, optimize the use of anesthesia, and improve video game graphics.

Data Stories: Working Hours, Common Pastimes, Listening Habits

These data visualizations show the relationship between GDP and working hours, how leisure activities vary by income, and connections among podcast listeners.

Data Digest: Jobs in Data Science and Applications for AI and Analytics

How to get a data science job, how AI is changing healthcare research, and predictive analytics could change policing.

Data Stories: Weed Taxes, Opioid Dangers, Lethal Doses

These data visualizations explore the impact of legalized marijuana, recent opioid overdose statistics, and the danger (or safety) of other substances.

Data Digest: Using ML and Data Science to Train Robots and Transform Processes

Training AI for robots, using machine learning to improve manufacturing, and real-world applications for data science.

Data Stories: Herd Immunity, Happiness, and Post-Pandemic Plans

These data visualizations show how vaccination affects group immunity, a drop in average happiness, and what Americans are looking forward to.

4 Simple Steps to Maximize Value from SaaS App Data

Find out how to make your cloud app data available for re-use in whatever apps and systems your users want.

Data Stories: Animal Migrations and Populations

These data visualizations illustrate the movement of species and the lives of individual animals.

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