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Participate in TDWI Research

Your input is important to us so that we can continue to provide relevant benchmarks for data and analytics, and offer training resources on the topics you need most. Below is a list of active TDWI surveys. Click the link for the topic(s) that pertain to you and enter-to-win the corresponding prize for participating. Thank you!

Current Research Surveys

  • Global Data Integration Trends in 2021: The Voice of the Data Integration Community

    In this survey, we ask for your expertise and opinions about current data integration trends. We will report the results back to the community to help business and IT professionals understand what the most challenging issues are and how to solve them. Just as workload requirements are changing, so are data integration alternatives. Cloud platforms, real-time data streaming, ELT, and integrated data warehouses and data lakes are among them. Take Survey

  • Data and Analytics Survey 2021

    As part of our ongoing research, we want to hear about your data and analytics practices. Based on your specific job focus, we’ll ask you questions about either your organization’s analytics or data management experiences. This 10-12 minute survey covers status, priorities, satisfaction, and strategies/best practices for data management and analytics. We also included a short section on the impact of COVID-19 on your data and analytics efforts and the economic recession that has resulted from forced quarantines and social distancing, plus business transformations that are accelerated by the economic pressures of the pandemic. Take Survey

  • The Unified Data Warehouse and Data Lake Architecture

    This survey asks questions about your organization’s current and future architectures and use cases for data warehouses (DWs) and data lakes (DLs). This 10-minute survey asks for your expertise and opinions concerning DWs and DLs. The results of this survey will appear with other content in a TDWI Best Practices Report. In appreciation of your completion of this survey, TDWI will send you a link for downloading the final report, when it is published in late May 2021. Take Survey

  • Seminar Topics

    We aim to provide you with the most relevant training to fit your analytics and data management needs. Please let us know what topics you’d like to see and we will work to add it to our schedule! Take Survey