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TDWI Research Panel for Data and Analytics

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TDWI Research Panel

Primary research is a critical part of TDWI’s work. The information and insights we gain from quantitative and qualitative research are invaluable—they inform our analysts as they create new research reports and affect what educational content we create each year.

We’re looking to add qualified, engaged, and knowledgeable data and analytics professionals worldwide to our new research panel to help us expand our data and analytics resources.

Why You Should Join TDWI’s Research Panel for Data and Analytics

  • Contribute to Research

    Know that you’re making a difference in the data and analytics industry by sharing your insights with TDWI. Your input allows us to fine-tune our reports so data professionals can stay on top of the latest trends.

  • Earn Points, Get Prizes

    For every survey you take, you’ll be awarded a set amount of points based on the length of the survey. By joining the panel, these points will be automatically tracked for you. Points can be redeemed for prizes ranging from a $25 gift card to a TDWI Conference Pass—a $4,760 value!

  • Stay In-the-Know

    Get our latest resources, such as Best Practices Reports, custom research reports, and more, before the general public.

  • Discuss Results and Connect

    Panel members can weigh in on survey results, connect with one another on discussion boards, and hear from TDWI analysts directly on their findings.

Who Should Join:

  • CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, VPs, and directors of IT
  • BI/analytics/data science directors and managers
  • Business analysts, data engineers, and data governance managers
  • Architects and data directors and managers
  • Data platforms or analytics directors and managers
  • Business executives and managers
  • Developers and XOps team members and leaders

Sign up to receive updates on TDWI’s first-ever research panel!