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Data Strategy I: A Corporate Plan for Data NEW!

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours

Learn how to develop a data strategy that supports your business goals to ensure adoption and drive success. In Part 1 of this two-course series, expert practitioner Evan Levy defines the framework for a successful data strategy.

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“Data is a Corporate Asset” is a message frequently quoted and repeated in the halls of many companies, yet little thought is given to the meaning (or accuracy) of those words. This course provides a framework for a comprehensive data strategy that drives meaningful business value.

Businesses have been making significant investment to support data processing, reporting, and analytics, but very little has changed in the way that they actually plan and manage the data itself. Most technology organizations manage and track applications and platforms as critical assets and treat data as an application byproduct. For businesses like these, the “data plan” starts and ends with storage; there’s little discussion about a roadmap that addresses big data, data sharing, end user data access, third-party content acquisition, and all of the issues of compliance and governance. Data issues are addressed reactively as a series of point solutions. This is not reflective of a plan for managing “a corporate asset.”

A successful data strategy establishes a framework for managing data as a corporate asset. It includes the details and approach for managing the data in a manner that aligns with the company’s priorities, business initiatives, and technology investments. In the first course of this two-course series, Evan Levy will discuss the activities that go into building a comprehensive data strategy and provide a framework for its key components.

You Will Learn

  • The key components and capabilities of an enterprise data strategy
  • The terminology, definitions, and concepts of data strategy development
  • The common business issues and technical problems that benefit from a data strategy
  • The business drivers that establish the need for a data strategy 
  • The phases and activities involved with data strategy development 
  • The audience and participants of a data strategy program 
  • The goals, objectives, and milestones for a corporate data strategy program

Geared To

  • CIOs and chief data officers
  • Managers of IT, BI, and analytics programs
  • Business sponsors
  • End users
  • Data stakeholders
  • Data governance staff
  • Data management staff

Continuing Professional Education Credits: 4

Apply these credits toward your CBIP recertification. Not certified? Learn more about CBIP and how to get certified here.




Evan Levy

Evan Levy, CBIP, is a management consultant in enterprise data strategy, data management, analytics, and systems integration. Business is experiencing exponential growth in data volumes, sources, and systems. Evan advises clients on strategies to address business challenges using their existing data and technology assets coupled with new and creative methods and practices. With more than 25 years of experience consulting with clients, Evan leads classes and workshops offering practical, real-world experience to address challenges in a manner that utilizes existing skills coupled with new methods to ensure IT and business success.