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Trends in Analytics

Featured Webinars

  • Drive Faster Insights from Your Data

    Register today to learn how your organization can solve data integration challenges, increase data engineering productivity, and enable cross-functional collaboration. 04/16/2024

  • Strategies and Practices for Responsible AI

    Join TDWI, Domino, and NVIDIA to explore strategies and practices that organizations can adopt to navigate the complexities of responsible AI. 04/17/2024

  • Realizing ROI with Trusted AI

    Join us to hear James Kobielus, TDWI senior research director for data management, explore the ROI of AI in diverse business scenarios and the need to build trust and governance into AI applications. 04/18/2024

IT & Enterprise Data Management

  • Data Modeling with Rich Fox

    Rich Fox, analytics consultant and educator, discusses the ins and outs of data modeling, including why it’s still an essential practice in the age of AI.

  • How to Eliminate Data Silos in Start-Ups

    Navigating the challenges of data silos is paramount for start-ups aiming at seamless scalability. This guide draws inspiration from professional experience and case studies, offering start-up leaders a comprehensive step-by-step strategy to eliminate silos.

  • Modernizing Data Management with Karen Lopez

    Karen Lopez, data evangelist with InfoAdvisors, discusses modernizing data management practices, including the biggest challenges organizations face and the expanding role of data governance.

Data & Business Leadership

Practical Data Science

  • Q&A: Can Neuro-Symbolic AI Solve AI’s Weaknesses?

    Neuro-symbolic AI integrates several technologies to let enterprises efficiently solve complex problems and queries demanding reasoning skills despite having limited data. Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz, Inc., explains the benefits, downsides, and use cases of neuro-symbolic AI as well as how to know it’s time to consider the technology for your enterprise.

  • Data Stories: Functions and Risks of Generative AI

    How large language models work, fake AI charts, and bias in the model.

  • Data Stories: Solstices and Solar Eclipses

    How leap day impacts the calendar and two maps for the 2024 solar eclipse.

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