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Contributor: Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle is the president and principal analyst at the Enderle Group, where he provides regional and global companies with guidance on how to create a credible dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new business opportunities, anticipate technology changes, select vendors and products, and practice zero-dollar marketing. You can reach the author via email.



All articles by Rob Enderle

Lessons Learned from Facebook’s Poor AI Implementation

AI implementations will be more successful if you follow these three tips.

The Next Thing to Look For in AI Vendors: Interoperation

AI vendors that interoperate and partner well should significantly outperform their competitors.

Generative AI, Quantum and Spatial Computing, the Metaverse, and 3D Printing: The Tech Blend of Tomorrow

Although these technologies have only been discussed in isolation lately, we can expect the greatest innovations to take place as they begin to be combined in novel ways.

New York Times Versus Microsoft: The Legal Status of Your AI Training Set

Watch out! Your AI solution should guarantee that you won’t be responsible if any legal claims are made about its training data.

The Race to AI Implementation: 2024 and Beyond

AI can improve performance and productivity, but choosing the right hardware vendor to support your AI is critical. Here’s what you must consider.

A Closer Look at a Critical Partnership for Hybrid Generative AI

Hybrid AI is one of the big trends for 2023, but not all hybrid AI solutions meet an essential condition.

The Three Most Important Emerging AI Trends in Data Analytics

AI is getting a lot of buzz now, but where is it headed? Here are three trends to keep watching.

Picking an AI Vendor: Look for Indemnification and Experience

AI is full of promise, but also pitfalls. Heed this advice about AI indemnification and training data set best practices to help keep your enterprise and your career safe.

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