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speaking of data


TDWI is proud to present Speaking of Data, the premier data and analytics podcast for businesses and practitioners.

Weekly episodes will feature TDWI analysts, instructors, tech thought leaders, and members of our community that are in the trenches doing the work every day.

Tune into Speaking of Data for highlights of the fantastic work done by the TDWI Research Analysts, Faculty, and partners that deliver information, insights, and tangible advice around the latest topics, trends, and events in the data management and analytics industry.

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Speaking of Data

Data Governance and Data Quality with Deanne Larson

March 20, 2023

Deanne Larson, Ph.D., president of Larson & Associates, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss data governance and data quality - including success factors for data governance and which roles are responsible for data quality within an organization. To learn more about TDWI's upcoming seminar with Deanne please visit TDWI Seminar Series.

Duration: 12 minutes 44 seconds

Speaking of Data

Strategies for Overcoming Data Silos with David Stodder

March 13, 2023

David Stodder, senior research director for business intelligence at TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss how data silos are created, strategies for overcoming them, and helpful technology trends. Please visit to find the Best Practices Report discussed in this episode.

Duration: 20 minutes 53 seconds

Speaking of Data

Valuing Data with Doug Laney

March 6, 2023

Doug Laney, innovation fellow for data and analytics strategy with West Monroe, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss valuing data – including why organizations are interested in measuring the value of their data and ways to quantify data’s value. Please visit and locate the TDWI Nashville agenda to learn more about Doug’s course on data monetization.

Duration: 15 minutes 34 seconds

Speaking of Data

ChatGPT and LLMs with James Kobielus

February 27, 2023

James Kobielus, senior research director for data management at TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the emergence of ChatGPT and large language models – including the differences between the two, how to use this technology, and data governance recommendations. Please visit and locate the TDWI Best Practices Report on Responsible Data and Analytics to learn more about this topic.

Duration: 38 minutes 07 seconds

Speaking of Data

Organizing to Execute for Modern Analytics with Fern Halper

February 21, 2023

Fern Halper, PhD., vice president and senior director of TDWI research for advanced analytics, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss organizing to execute for modern analytics – including the different organizational models, creating new roles for personnel, and building a culture to succeed. Please visit and locate the TDWI Best Practices Report on Modernizing the Organization to Support Data Analytics to learn more about this topic.

Duration: 23 minutes 41 seconds

Speaking of Data

NoSQL Databases with Mark Peco

February 14, 2023

Mark Peco, analytics consultant and educator, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss NoSQL Databases – including the types of NoSQL databases and their use cases. Visit to learn more about all the events we offer.

Duration: 11 minutes 51 seconds

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