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DataOps: How to Deliver Analytics Better and Faster NEW!

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours

Get started with the latest approach to producing and managing data and analytics solutions: DataOps. Ready to meet the unique challenge of modern programs, DataOps applies agile principles to the development, delivery, and management of analytics solutions while ensuring data quality and data governance, reducing time frames, and maximizing business value.

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Companies that struggle to keep up with efficiently processing an increasing number of data sources for a growing number of data consumers are turning to DataOps as a way to turn things around. DataOps transforms these companies because it is a proven methodology that combines a data management philosophy with key agile processes focused on collaboration and automation to continuously deliver data and analytics for better decision making. Data integration and BI teams are evolving into agile data engineering and delivery teams capable of modernizing their legacy technical environments to position their companies for digital transformation.

DataOps brings together data managers and data consumers through agile data management processes that account for data engineering, integration, data quality, and governance on an open platform that streamlines efficient development, continuous delivery, and overall data unification. While this may sound daunting, this half-day course will help you understand the efficiencies DataOps can deliver for your organization and how to focus on the next steps of your journey.

You Will Learn

  • Essential principles and benefits of DataOps
  • How to adopt DataOps to speed analytics development and delivery
  • Key agile processes that embed data quality and governance
  • How to continuously engineer, deploy, and operationalize data pipelines with automation and monitoring
  • Key components necessary in a modern data architecture

Geared To

  • Data architects
  • Data engineers
  • Data management leaders
  • Data governance professionals
  • Everyone interested in understanding DataOps quickly

Continuing Professional Education Credits: 4

Apply these credits toward your CBIP recertification. Not certified? Learn more about CBIP and how to get certified here.




John O'Brien

John O’Brien is the principal advisor and CEO of Radiant Advisors, an independent research and advisory firm that specializes in assessing and building strategies for companies to modernize their data and analytics platforms.

John has over 30 years of experience delivering value through data warehousing, BI, and analytics programs. His unique perspective comes from the combination of his roles as a practitioner, consultant, and vendor CTO in the data and analytics industry.