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TDWI Executive Summit

Data Management

Nov 7–8, 2022

Executive Summit Agenda

The clock is ticking.

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Modernizing Data Management for Growth and Change

An interactive summit where business and technical leaders learn how to prepare for what’s ahead in data management, data governance, and business analytics.

Enterprises run on a steady flow of best-fit, data-intensive applications. Robust data management and analytics pipeline processes ensure these assets are always accurate, relevant, and fit for whatever new purposes may emerge in the course of business.

To make the most of their investments in data management, organizations must continue to modernize their platforms, tools, and practices. The TDWI Executive Summit for Data Management focuses on technologies and methods that forward-looking enterprises are deploying to modernize their production data management environments. Join us to explore how forward-looking businesses build agile, scalable, and manageable data management processes. Speakers will discuss such key strategies as:

  • Modernizing data platforms through structured migration from legacy on-premises platforms to cloud-based data lakehouses, distributed data meshes, virtualized data fabrics, and other next-generation environments
  • Automating data management and analytics processes for greater scalability, repeatability, consistency, transparency, and efficiencies
  • Speeding data ingestion, data transformation, data warehousing, and other pipeline workloads through real-time, streaming, and other low-latency infrastructure
  • Multiplying the productivity of professional data management teams through investments in data catalogs, data quality management, metadata management,  and other sophisticated infrastructure
  • Ensuring greater responsibility in production data management and analytics through investments in tools for protecting privacy, debiasing analytics, achieving greater algorithmic transparency, and ensuring the ethical behavior of deployed applications and of the pipeline processes that are used to operationalize them.

Register for the Executive Summit today and maximize your time at the event: come for the summit, stay for additional training at TDWI Orlando, including courses on data strategy, analytics for business users, data literacy, and more.

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What to Expect

This focused, interactive event will help you understand and succeed with data management and analytics when the economic outlook is uncertain, new regulatory and other compliance mandates are emerging, and stakeholders have begun to demand a more modernized approach to data management with a focus on efficiencies, maximizing investments, and responsible outcomes.

  • Hands-On Workshop

    Participate in an engaging workshop designed for executives and data leaders to maximize time at the event with a meaningful impact upon return. Align strategy with company goals and build a framework that you can bring back to your organization.

  • Best-Practice Case Studies

    Case studies from leading organizations, featuring real world best practices and war stories, will help you realize the potential of modern data and analytics.

  • Expert Sessions

    Take advantage of TDWI’s renowned faculty and analyst team, collaborating to share best practices, new research, the latest data-driven technologies, and invited thought leaders from around the world to discuss how they are moving the market forward.

  • Productive Time OOO

    If you’re going to travel or take time for professional development, it better be productive. TDWI Orlando is the perfect event for teams to get hands-on training in half-day courses, while executives collaborate in the two-day Executive Summit.

What You Will Learn

Leave the TDWI Executive Summit in Orlando with an understanding of some of the latest data-driven technologies, plus how to use these for production-grade data and analytics.

  • How chief business and economic trends are driving demand for advanced data and analytics technologies and methodologies
  • Why high-quality data and analytics are critical to being a modern, competitive, efficient organization
  • What real-world businesses are doing to set strategy, extract value, control the cost, and mitigate the risks of managing data and analytics
  • When organizations should implement specific platforms, services, tools, technologies, methodologies, and staffing models for modern data and analytics
  • How modern data and analytics intersect with enterprises’ compliance, data governance, and ESG strategies
  • What key performance indicators are central to a modern data and analytics strategy
  • What principal data and analytics investments enterprises should make to drive their business, competitive, and compliance strategies
  • How businesses can improve data collection and analysis to ensure transparency and accountability in data and analytics

Who's Attending

  • CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, VPs, and directors of IT
  • Business executives and line-of-business managers
  • Business users who depend on modern data management
  • BI and data warehousing directors
  • Managers of technology teams

Let's Network

TDWI Orlando will have lots of opportunities for you to engage with one another and safely make the most of the experience! Connect and grow relationships with expert attendees and speakers who have already moved to the next level. Attendees come from industry-leading companies such as 3M, CapitalOne, Amazon, and USAA.

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