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speaking of data


TDWI is proud to present Speaking of Data, the premier data and analytics podcast for businesses and practitioners.

Weekly episodes will feature TDWI analysts, instructors, tech thought leaders, and members of our community that are in the trenches doing the work every day.

Tune into Speaking of Data for highlights of the fantastic work done by the TDWI Research Analysts, Faculty, and partners that deliver information, insights, and tangible advice around the latest topics, trends, and events in the data management and analytics industry.

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Speaking of Data

Modern Data Engineering with Matt Florian

December 6, 2023

Matt Florian, partner and cloud analytics practice director with Comerit, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss modern data engineering - including the evolution of the industry, a preview of Matt's session at TDWI Transform 2024, and key tips for data engineers. For more information on Matt's session and to view the full agenda please visit: TDWI Transform 2024.

Duration: 15 minutes 39 seconds

Speaking of Data

Harnessing the Power of Diverse Data for Business Growth with Fern Halper

November 21, 2023

Fern Halper, Ph.D., TDWI vice president and senior research director for advanced analytics, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the new Best Practices Report she authored on harnessing the power of diverse data for business growth. To download and explore this report further please visit: TDWI Best Practices Reports.

Duration: 17 minutes 12 seconds

Speaking of Data

Blowing Up Data Governance with Laura Madsen

November 13, 2023

Laura Madsen, co-founder and partner at Moxy Analytics, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss blowing up data governance - including common misnomers, hallmarks of success, and a preview of the courses Laura will be teaching at TDWI Transform 2024 in Las Vegas. For more information on Laura's courses and to view the full agenda please visit: TDWI Transform 2024.

Duration: 14 minutes 53 seconds

Speaking of Data

The State of Analytics in 2023 with James Kobielus

November 6, 2023

James Kobielus, senior research director for data management with TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to explore the state of analytics in 2023 - including analytics practices, modernization trends, and governance. To download and explore Jim's report please visit: TDWI "State of" Reports.

Duration: 33 minutes 30 seconds

Speaking of Data

Data Strategies for AI in the Enterprise with David Stodder

October 30, 2023

David Stodder, Senior Research Director for Business Intelligence with TDWI, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss data strategies for AI in the enterprise - including data management and data governance for artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as a preview of TDWI's upcoming Modern Data Leader's Summit in 2024. For more information on TDWI Las Vegas and the Modern Data Leader's Summit please visit: TDWI upcoming Events.

Duration: 24 minutes 48 seconds

Speaking of Data

The House of Data with Dr. James Barker

October 23, 2023

Dr. James Barker, director of professional services for data strategy with Alation, joins host Andrew Miller to discuss the House of Data - including key concepts, stewardship roles, and data councils. For more information about data governance please visit: TDWI.

Duration: 19 minutes 59 seconds

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