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Practical Data Science

Managing by Exception: How to Identify Outliers

With information creation at an all-time high, data professionals have to be able to distinguish between what matters and what doesn't and present only key insights to their users.

It's Information Governance We Need

Information governance requires us to discern the intention behind information and its provenance rather than the bald facts of its technical sources and processing demanded by data governance.

Data Digest: Data Science Disadvantages, Preparing for Machine Learning, Types of Analytics

Reasons not to be a data scientist, how to ensure you’re ready for machine learning, how to determine what kind of analytics you need.

Data Stories: Letter Positions, Sentence Gradients, Letter Puzzles

Examining language with data skills can reveal commonalities across languages, gradients of meaning, and how to win Wheel of Fortune.

Data Stories: Visualizations about Prison and Legality

Which countries have a higher prison population per capita, the details of the prison system in the U.S., and unusual driving laws.

AI-Infused BI: Only as Good as Its Transparency

AI will wend its way into BI, making it better, but there's a hitch.

Data Digest: Looking for Data Scientists Internally and Globally

Characteristics for internal data science candidates, demand for data science around the world, and how industry experts see the data science skills gap.

Accessible Data Preparation: 6 Data Quality Tips

These six suggestions will help you improve your data prep and governance work.

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