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Practical Data Science

CEO Q&A: Why the Modern Data Warehouse Is Critical to Your Analytics Success

Data warehouses designed to handle today’s big data challenges, enabled by flash memory, are helping enterprises stay on top of an avalanche of data. Yellowbrick CEO Neil Carson explains.

Data Stories: Fastest Internet, Online Activity, Annoying Ads

Where downloads are fastest, how quickly websites rack up interactions, and which online advertisements are the most hated.

Data Digest: AI Hiring, Skills, and Pitfalls

How to hire AI skills, how fast those skills lose value, and new models to help solve AI blind spots.

Data Digest: Hiring or Democratizing Data Science?

How to hire a data science team, plan a data science strategy that works, and evaluate new tools that automate data science tasks

Data Stories: Analyzing Dialogue in Media

One interesting way to explore media is to look at who speaks and what they say. These data visualizations break down gender balance on This American Life, word choice on Star Trek, and character interactions on Seinfeld.

How and Why Your Enterprise Should Democratize Data Science

To overcome the shortage of data scientists, many organizations are turning to democratizing data science. Here's what you need to know.

Where Did That Report I Emailed Go?

Just because you send a report doesn’t mean your users receive it. Follow these tips to ensure timely and unimpeded delivery of information.

Data Stories: Visualizations with Unusual Materials

As these examples demonstrate, data does not have to be confined to a digital display. Professionals and amateurs use clay, yarn, and paint to create these unique data visualizations.

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