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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Untangling Line Charts

Methods for creating legible line charts and understanding Sankey diagrams.

How Edge Analytics Can Deliver the Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

Despite the rapid growth of edge analytics, you may be unsure how to use it to your enterprise’s advantage or how to get the best results from the technology. Here’s what you need to know.

Data Digest: Transforming Industries with AI and Data Science

Read about new applications in finance, marketing, and many other industries.

How to Leverage 2023’s Top Trends: Consolidation, Automation, and AI

Today’s business leaders are on a quest to become more data-driven; taking advantage of these three trends promises to generate greater business benefits that improve processes, security measures, and the bottom line. Here are best practices to consider for each of these trends.

Data Digest: Applying Data Science and AI

Read these articles for advice about using data science and AI to improve outcomes for customers and employees.

Data Stories: Names for Babies, Clothing for Adults, Cheerful Elderly

These data visualizations follow trends in baby names, dress codes at work, and happiness at different ages.

Data Digest: Landing a Data Science or AI Job

New data science and AI roles, how to improve your data science resume, and what to know about prompt engineers.

Data Stories: Tracking Balloons, Vacuums, and Airflow

Check out these data visualizations that track the motion of hot air balloons, vacuums, and air around a car.

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