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Practical Data Science

Building Ethical Guardrails into AI-Driven Robotic Assistants

Robotics is one of the proving grounds for artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives.

Data Digest: Value of Data Science Projects and Protecting Machine Learning

Creating broader applications for data science, proper measurement for model outcomes, and avoiding ML attacks.

Data Stories: Duplicate Bills and Buying Political Influence

These data visualizations show how special interests write legislation and which industries and companies spend the most to lobby the U.S. government.

Five Steps to Increase Business Insight Velocity

Speed is not a vanity metric when it comes to business intelligence because data is only as valuable as it is fresh, accurate, and actionable.

Data Digest: How Utilities, Federal Agencies, and Health Care Use Advanced Analytics

Data science for power companies, how the U.S. government approaches AI, and using predictive analytics to slow health care worker turnover.

Data Stories: Data Breaches, Privacy Regulations, and Personal Information

These data visualizations explore trends in data breaches, a recent survey about data governance and privacy, and what information big tech companies collect.

Data Stories: Design Better Dashboards and Consider Visualization Style

Turning ideas into great dashboards, designing a consistent dashboard style, and an example of creating new interest in a classic visualization.

Why Most Data Platforms Fail (And How You Can Succeed)

The co-founders of Monte Carlo discuss the challenges -- and solutions -- to operationalizing data at scale.

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