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Practical Data Science

Why Generative AI Will Change Employee Provisioning, Dynamics, and Conflict

What happens to an employee’s AI training data when the employee changes companies?

Getting Started with Data Literacy: Two Tips for Success

Independent consultant and popular TDWI conference speaker David Langer explains the two steps you can follow to get your data literacy program off on the right foot.

Data Stories: Charting and Mapping Spending and Wealth

Check out these data visualizations about average spending, retirement costs, and the rise of the super-rich.

Data Digest: AI Ethics, Analytics Applications

A framework for responsible analytics, how governments use new data types, and analytics applications in entertainment.

Data Digest: Advice and Applications for Machine Learning

Leveraging MLOps, deploying machine learning successfully, and a new way machine learning is being used in video games.

Data Stories: Struggles with School

These data visualizations explore students’ stress, the cost of college, and kids not attending school.

Data Stories: Treats and Sweets

Choose your bubble tea, consider doing some baking, and enjoy some popular candy with these data visualizations.

How a Semantic Layer Helps Your Data Teams

The semantic layer may be the key to making the self-service data revolution a reality for everyone.

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