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Practical Data Science

The Anonymization Myth

The ability to classify individuals from very little data is raising business and ethical issues. What can and should enterprises do?

Data Stories: Individuals Investigate with Data Visualization

Dog walking, pizza eating, and apartment hunting -- the data enthusiasts of the Internet can turn anything into a fun data visualization.

AI Techniques You Need to Know

Big data capture and management fuels AI possibilities.

The Secret Behind the New AI Spring: Transfer Learning

Transfer learning has democratized artificial intelligence. A real-world example shows how.

Data Digest: Citizen Data Science, Building a Data Science Team

How citizen data scientists are doing, how to create a strong data science team, and how to hire data scientists.

Data Stories: Looking at Land Use, Population, Solar Potential

With these visualizations, explore land usage, population, and solar energy across the U.S.

Data Stories: Histograms, Outliers, Parallel Coordinates

Are you proficient with data visualizations? Learn to create complex histograms, highlight anomalous data, and show multidimensional data with these techniques.

Data Stories: Historical Migration, Languages of NYC, Canadian Economics

Where your family comes from might determine where you live now, what languages you speak, and your children’s financial future, as you can see on these maps.

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