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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Mapping Global Languages

The history of language development, today's most-spoken languages, and the smallest language.

Data Digest: Data Science Skills, Hiring, and Software

The skills data scientists need, hiring trends in data science, and choosing data science software.

Why Software That Unlocks Microbiome Data Could Be Key in the Climate Change Battle

A pioneer in applying network science to biology discusses how data science, and data management in particular, are starting to generate highly useful life sciences insights.

Data Stories: Impacts and Effects of Climate Change

Why emissions need to be curbed today, the scope of drought in the U.S., and other factors affecting and being affected by climate change.

Data Digest: Data Science Tools, Teams, and Mistakes

The future of Python, staffing a data science team, and avoiding major data errors.

Data Stories: Pie Charts, Snowflakes, and Icebergs

Looking for some fun visual uses of data? Check out pie chart names, generate snowflakes, and play with virtual icebergs.

Data Digest: Think and Learn Like a Data Scientist

Advice for approaching data science problems, what nontechnical people should understand about data science, and why data scientists should seek out advanced skills.

Data Stories: The New Normal

These data visualizations explore how rates of retail spending and air travel are shifting as COVID-19 case numbers fall.

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