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Practical Data Science

From Information to Action: Exploring the World of Information Dashboards

Think you know how to build an information dashboard? You’d be surprised how many dashboards are not effective, says Rich Fox, analytics consultant and educator. He offers insights into dashboard design, requirements gathering, and data visualization best practices.

Data Digest: AI for Data Science and Marketing

How data scientists can use AI (without being replaced), and how AI is affecting digital marketing.

Data Stories: Naming Towns, Cities, and Streets

Places with the same name, regional naming trends, and historical naming biases.

Don’t Let Your Company Get Left Behind in the Drive to Low-Code/No-Code Adoption

What’s driving the adoption of low-code/no-code solutions, and what do you need to know to implement it in your own enterprise?

Data Digest: Starting Out with Data Science

Learning the basics, choosing data science methodologies, and jobs in machine learning.

The Importance of the Universal Semantic Layer in Modern Data Analytics and BI

What is a semantic layer and how can a universal semantic layer enable your business users to deliver actionable insights and make data-driven decisions faster?

Data Stories: Unit Charts, Multiple Axes, Chart Interpretation

How to use a unit chart, a case for using multiple axes, and interpreting chart design.

Data Stories: Large Language Models and Their Benefits and Biases

The rising number of LLMs, ChatGPT takes on academic tests, and biases perpetuated by generative AI.

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