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Practical Data Science

Five Roles for Your Data Science Team

To get the greatest value out of your organization’s data, your data science team needs to play five distinct roles: innovators, explorers, prototypers, optimizers, and responders.

Data Stories: Life and Death in Charts

These inventive visualizations compare the types of life on earth, simulate population growth, and explore the impact of celebrities’ deaths.

Making Every Employee an Analytics Expert

Widen BI adoption and use with these steps that won't disrupt your environment.

Q&A: An Introduction to Deep Learning

We explore what deep learning is and the benefits it offers, its relationship with AI, and where it’s headed with Martin Ford.

Data Stories: Delivering Gifts, Religious Trends, and Holiday Music

Using data to estimate Santa’s speed, exploring how the U.S. celebrates Christmas, and when people get tired of Christmas music.

Hybrid Cloud Analytics: Plan for These Challenges

Moving to a hybrid cloud analytics model can help you remove analytics roadblocks, but today's new data environment can introduce new problems because it is so complex. Being aware of these issues is the first step to overcoming them.

Data Stories: Create and Understand Data Visualizations

How to create more effective data visualizations, avoid illegible charts, and read a scatterplot.

Prescription for Business Success: A New Breed of Analytics

Prescriptive analytics builds on predictive analytics by evaluating and recommending actions through heuristics (rules), machine learning, and other AI constructs. Here's how it's being used today and its prospects for the future.

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