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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Replacing, Hiring, and Succeeding with Data Science

The benefits of automating data science, how to hire data scientists, and common data science pitfalls.

Data Stories: Salary, Rent, and Commuting

Data reveals many ways to map a country. These maps explore disposable income, variable rents, and megaregions around cities.

Data Stories: Death, Disaster, and Pandemic

Data visualizations aren’t just for finance; we can examine questions about life-and-death scenarios. These charts show trends in mortality, coverage of disasters, and the potential effect of new vaccines.

5 Smart Ways to Leverage B2B Customer Support Data

Your customer support data is a treasure trove of information. Here are five ways to use it to increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

Data Digest: Centering Data Science, Biomedical and Finance Uses

Learn how to make the most of your data science program, how a data science contest could help biomedical research, and the top data science use cases for finance.

Data Stories: Sunshine, Snowfall, and Seasonal Shifts

It’s finally spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so let’s look at methods for visualizing sun and snow over time.

Data Stories: The Power of Google

Google’s prominence makes it the source of a huge amount of data. These charts show just a few ways to look at it.

How Next-Generation Hardware Security Modules Can Help You Prepare for GDPR

HSMs hold promise for helping enterprises comply with GDPR.

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