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Practical Data Science

Low-Code Versus No-Code: The Differences and Why They Matter

We look at the rising popularity of low-code and no-code tools, including their benefits and limitations.

Data Stories: Treemaps and Other Maps

Explore treemaps, create a snowfall map, and enjoy a unique wine country map.

Data Digest: Data Literacy and Education

The importance of data literacy, books about data science, and what to know about machine learning.

Data Stories: Visualizations about Insects and Plants

Dangerous declines in insect species, reasons to stop mowing, and pollen in flowers.

Leveraging the Power of Digital Twins in Medicine and Business

Business analytics and data management experts should consider how they can use digital twin technology to reduce costs and improve decision-making.

Data Stories: Bigger, Heavier, More Electric Vehicles

Some data visualizations about trends in truck use, car design, and vehicle types.

Data Stories: Visualizations about Daylight Saving Time

Design your own daylight hours, learn where the clocks change, and build your own sunlight graph.

Navigating Your Data Science Career

From undergraduate to working professional, these four milestones create a guide to a career in data science.

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