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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Histograms, Outliers, Parallel Coordinates

Are you proficient with data visualizations? Learn to create complex histograms, highlight anomalous data, and show multidimensional data with these techniques.

Data Stories: Historical Migration, Languages of NYC, Canadian Economics

Where your family comes from might determine where you live now, what languages you speak, and your children’s financial future, as you can see on these maps.

Data Digest: Gym Class Data Science, Incorrect Predictions, More Low-Tech Hiring

How data science is moving into gym class, how to judge the trustworthiness of data science predictions, and why more tech companies are hiring nontechnical staff.

Data Stories: Exploring Science, Population, and Company Value over Time

Visualizations can demonstrate historical change. These charts show scientists whose ideas were before their time, human population growth, and the scope of historical companies.

Data Digest: Data Science Skills, Data Science for Vehicles, Improving Data Quality

Learn the core elements of a data scientist, how to apply data science to connected vehicles, and how to continuously improve your data quality.

Where to Focus to Deliver Analytics Value

TDWI research finds most organizations want BI, analytics, and the underlying data management infrastructure to address these five areas.

Data Digest: Edge Computing, Data Science Interviews, Data Ethics

Why edge intelligence matters for IoT, questions to ask at a data scientist interview, and considerations for modern data ethics.

Data Stories: How Are You Feeling?

These charts explore trends in happiness, what annoyances prompt public complaint, and the market for scented candles.

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