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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Data Science Experiences, Fallacies, and Skills Training

What data scientists think about their jobs, fallacies new data scientists should avoid, and why you should train citizen data scientists.

The AI Toolbox: New Skills for a New Generation

To understand how AI skills differ from the needs of other programming areas, consider what your AI toolbox might contain.

Artificial Intelligence Starts with Data

To realize the power of artificial intelligence, start with data.

Data Stories: Interactive Data and Data as Art

Creating interactive visualizations in the real world, using recursive shapes to explore patterns, and the art within pi.

Data Digest: Training AI, Data and Drinks, Business and Machine Learning

How machine learning trains AI, Coca-Cola uses data to improve products, and businesses will be changed by machine learning.

4 Tips for Promoting Predictive Analytics in Your Organization

How can you encourage adoption of predictive analytics without executive support?

On the Use and Abuse of Analytics

We need to be critical of analytics insights and recognize that analytics are not absolute representations of an objective business reality.

Data Stories: How Data Affects the Business of Sports

Data collection and analysis determine how players are hired, change where baseballs are hit, and show trends in who’s watching.

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