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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Machine Learning Benefits Across Industries

How machine learning can provide value, prevent fraud, and improve health outcomes.

Data Stories: Population Growth and Time with Others

Data visualizations show global population, how people of different age groups spend time, and one statistical impact of population density.

Data Digest: Data Science and DevOps

These articles provide guidance on democratizing data science, managing data science, and using DevOps for business impact.

The Future of Machine Learning: Models as APIs

Creating a successful machine learning model is extremely difficult and expensive. Providing the model as a service to other businesses may recoup part of the cost.

Data Digest: New Applications for Advanced Analytics

Monitoring water quality, detecting intoxication, and improving health monitoring.

Data Stories: Social Media’s Spread, Risk, and Opposition

A brief history of social media platforms, how social media spreads misinformation, and where social media is blocked.

Data Digest: Data Science Training and Career Growth

Promoting data science training, starting out in data science, and forecasting the future of data science.

5 Things to Look For in Your Next Business Intelligence Platform

Business intelligence engineers are responsible for building out the architecture and infrastructure that meets the organization's needs. Here are five key areas to evaluate when trying to determine which business intelligence platform is right for you.

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