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Practical Data Science

Avoid Supply Chain Tsunamis Using AI to Read the Ripples

Managing a modern supply chain requires new architecture to enable AI and machine learning processes.

Data Stories: Mass Transit and the Problem of Maps

Creating a public transit map is an exercise in conveying important information to a viewer. Learn about subway history, data-driven mapping, and visualization choices at these websites.

Data Digest: Data Science Organization, Mistakes, and Skills

Choosing a data science org structure, avoiding data science hazards, and planning for top skills.

The Right Way to Measure Business Value: Lessons Learned From a Failed Gold Prospector

Watch out for conflicts of interest and surface-level KPIs when establishing a plan for measuring value.

Data Stories: The Global Reach of AI

These visualizations allow you to explore which countries are supporting AI development, who is creating AI with data science research, and what jobs are most likely to be affected by automation.

It's All About Trust: The Importance of CX in 2020

What do CX professionals need to focus on to secure success and investment in their work?

Data Stories: Tracking Trade, Deliveries, and Package Theft

Visualizations that illustrate international trade, growth in the delivery industry, and the danger of “porch pirates.”

Data Digest: Emerging Jobs and Data Science Training

AI and data science top job growth lists, students want data science training, and top tech skills for 2020.

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