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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Data Science and AI Training and Use

Thinking like a data scientist, scaling up AI, using AI for sales.

Data Stories: Job Automation and Biased AI Images

Two perspectives on how AI will affect employment and the issues with AI-created images.

Is Robotic Process Automation Intelligent?

Are robotic process automation and artificial intelligence the same? Not yet, but with advances in generative AI, these two technologies are coming closer together than ever before.

Data Digest: Cybersecurity and AI, Real-Time Analytics, and Customer Analytics

Advanced analytics are being applied in more fields every day.

Data Stories: What’s in a Name?

Data visualizations that show interesting trends in naming products, pets, and kids.

Data Digest: Advanced Analytics in Health and Life Sciences

How AI, edge computing, and monitoring sensors are making an impact today.

Data Stories: Jobs, Values, and Pay

Hiring across industries, the importance of ethics to jobseekers, and recent trends in CEO pay.

Data Digest: Data Science Skills, Applications, and Support

Data science skills to study, uses for predictive analytics, and problems with data science budgets.

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