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Practical Data Science

AI and Analytics: The Rise of the Machines

We are headed toward a future populated with AI and machine learning, where machines take on more of the work people have traditionally done. What does that mean for the business analytics professional?

Data Stories: Migration Across Continents, Cities, and Countries

Data visualizations are a great way to look at movement over time -- whether you’re modeling animals, vehicles, or people.

Data Digest: Alternatives to Data Scientists, PR and Data Science, Free Data Science Courses

Alternatives to hiring a data scientist, how data science is changing public relations, and free courses to learn about data science.

Multiplying Your Analytics Insights

In improving analytics, we often focus on obtaining more powerful platforms and bigger data. We neglect the second half of the equation: the abilities of our business users.

Data Stories: Make Better Infographics, Interactive Visualizations, and Bubble Charts

Develop compelling infographics, how interactivity can enhance storytelling, and learn to code a chart with D3.

Data Digest: MBAs and Data Science, Machine Learning Versus Spam, Biases in Hiring Algorithms

MBA programs adding data science classes, Google fights spam with machine learning, and the pros and cons of using machine learning in hiring decisions.

Data Digest: Preparing for Machine Learning, Data Science Training, Hiring Data Science Skills

When you should start using machine learning technology, a model for internal data science training, and what soft skills data scientists need.

Data Stories: Learn Text Analysis from Pop Lyrics, The Federalist Papers, and Jane Austen

Learn how to analyze text with compression, statistics, and n-grams using examples from pop culture, history, and literature.

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