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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Managing Ethics for AI

Principles for ethical AI, avoiding bias in text analysis, more data ethics courses available.

Data Stories: Mapping the Spread of Spring

Data visualizations can show the changing seasons by mapping changes in temperature, weather, plants, and animals.

University of Kentucky Uses Analytics to Study Student Success Factors

Higher education is beginning to practice what it preaches -- teaching and using analytics for its own benefit. Here's how one university ventured in this new direction.

Data Stories: Internet and Computer Use Across Demographics

Which groups are online more, where more people have computers, and what different groups do online.

Data Digest: Reactions to Cambridge Analytica

Recent revelations about the use of personal data are affecting the data science and big data community.

Data Digest: Fields Using Machine Learning and AI

How not to apply machine learning, how machine learning affects search engines, and how financial marketing is using AI.

Data Stories: Through the Lens of Infographics

Infographics have less programming and more graphic design than interactive visualizations, but here are three infographics that provide perspectives on the modern digital world.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Applications and Misconceptions

How machine learning is affecting manufacturing, can help pick a March Madness bracket, and is being overhyped and misunderstood.

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