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Practical Data Science

Intelligent Data and Analytics Software: The Latest from Five Vendors

A quick look at how five vendors have embedded machine learning, NLP, or other advanced analytics technologies into their platforms.

Data Digest: Data Science Standards, Training, and Peak Demand

Codifying the definition of a data scientist, training data science skills in-house, and projecting the rise and fall of demand.

Autonomous BI and Analytics: Are We There Yet?

Are BI and self-service analytics headed inevitably toward more automation?

Data Stories: Rising Temperatures, Commuter Preferences, and Wildfire Damage

Discover temperature trends, public transit patterns, and where wildfire spread in these visualizations.

Data Digest: Courses, Degrees, and Career Advice for Data Scientists

Why you might not need a degree in data science and how to advance your career.

Data Digest: Automation, Expectations, and Ethics in Data Science

Automating data processes, what CIOs want from machine learning, and modern issues in data science ethics.

Event Data: The Root of All Analytics

What is event data, and what makes it unique and valuable for analytics?

Data Stories: Birdsong, Crow Attacks, Migration Maps

Explore bird sounds, track crow behavior, and see animal movement maps created by new types of data collection.

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