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Practical Data Science

Why Truly Diverse Teams Create Better Analytics

Bias is everywhere -- even in analytics. The best way to control for bias is to incorporate a diversity of experiences and perspectives in the teams we use to design and maintain predictive, machine learning, and AI systems.

With Predictive Analytics, Earlier is Better

The sooner your predictive analytics can predict an action, the more effective your marketing efforts can be.

Security Analytics: Our Last, Best Hope?

Predictive analytics, machine learning, automated decision rules, AI, and other security analytics technologies have transformed how we handle malicious hacking activity. Are they adequate?

Data Stories: Summer Jobs, Incomes, and Other Trends for Young Americans

These charts reveal trends in teenage employment, changes in income by generation, and how millennials shop.

How Predictive Analytics Technologies Can Transform Marketing

Account-based marketing can profit from scalable data processing and predictive analytics, says the CEO in charge of Prophyts.

Data Stories: Distance to Airports, How Fast Can You Travel, Fictional Speeds

Are you traveling this summer? Data visualizations compare airport proximity, historical travel times, and fictional vehicle speeds.

Understanding the Health of Financial Markets Through Semantic Technology

Understanding the interconnection of data through graph and semantic technology will allow us to detect complex problems and enable new use cases.

5 Skills You Need to Build Predictive Analytics Models

These five competencies are required to build a successful predictive model.

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