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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Data Science Contest, Cutting-Edge Analytics, Predicting Employee Turnover

Data science students receive experience in contest, example uses for big data and advanced analytics, and how machine learning may detect reasons employees leave.

Data Stories: Maps of Helmet Safety, Worker’s Compensation, and Pac-Man

Visualizations illustrate the effect of helmet laws, the difference in worker’s compensation policies, and where to hide from digital ghosts.

Q&A: Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and the Modern Enterprise

Are you interested in bringing machine learning and predictive analytics to your enterprise? Many prospective users don't know where to start.

4 Data Mistakes Newbie Analysts Make

Don’t overcomplicate your analytics. Sometimes the simplest analysis is the best.

Data Stories: Analyzing Languages and Writing

Language analysis doesn’t have to be complex; these charts show the sources for English, where common languages are spoken, and how writing affects drawing.

Data Stories: Pros and Cons of Pie Charts

Pie charts can be misleading or confusing, but they can also be just right for the data.

Data Digest: Data Science Experiences, Fallacies, and Skills Training

What data scientists think about their jobs, fallacies new data scientists should avoid, and why you should train citizen data scientists.

The AI Toolbox: New Skills for a New Generation

To understand how AI skills differ from the needs of other programming areas, consider what your AI toolbox might contain.

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