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Practical Data Science

Analytics-Powered Social Listening

Social listening uses technology to facilitate communication over social media channels. It allows companies to scale up their customer care programs using data integration and natural language processing capabilities.

Data Stories: All About Visualization Tools

Learn how to choose a modern data visualization tool, what tools were used to create infographics by hand, and what work is still being done by hand today.

Intelligent Video: The Key to Analyzing Big Video Data

You can collect high quality video -- now turn it into true business intelligence.

Data Digest: Data Science ROI, Modeling Data Governance, New Data-Driven Advertising

Concrete value from data science, why data modeling could help you design your governance program, and innovation with big data-driven ads.

Data Stories: Website Colors, Online Retail Growth, Headline Styles

Use visualizations to explore common website colors, the growth of, and patterns in online headlines.

Data Digest: Data Science and Global Causes, Google and Cloud Computing

Both humanitarian aid workers and climate researchers are seeking answers in data science; meanwhile, Google is moving in on the enterprise cloud market.

5 Rules for Successful Self-Service Analytics

Making the transition to self-service analytics can be fraught with challenges. These guidelines will help you start with a strong foundation.

Data Digest: Scientific Data Science, Data Science Education, Costs of Open Source

Using the scientific method to enhance data science, finding the best academic data science programs, and understanding the true costs and benefits of open source.

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