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Practical Data Science

How Predictive Analytics Will Change the Supply Chain of Tomorrow

The time has come for predictive analytics to become mainstream in after-sales service. As technology platforms mature and costs decrease, pay attention to these three areas of opportunity.

Data Stories: Snow Melting, Closing School, and Tracking Snowfall

Is it cold where you are? These charts explore salt’s effect on ice, trends in snow-related school closures, and tracking snow across the U.S.

Dealing with Disasters: BI and Analytics Drive Nonprofit's Success

A top-ranked, billion-dollar nonprofit has made itself more effective, efficient, and transparent with BI and analytics software. Getting good data directly into the hands of staff is dramatically increasing its ability to respond quickly when disasters strike.

Data Digest: Data Science Solutions, Overfitting, Videos on Data Science

Choose a data science solution, avoid overfitting a machine learning algorithm, and learn different perspectives on data science and AI.

Working AI into Your Enterprise Initiatives

Find the right focus for artificial intelligence in your enterprise in the coming year.

Data Stories: Three Examples of Exploring Media with Tableau

These visualizations each use Tableau to present data about film or television, but each creator took a different approach.

Data Digest: Data Science Value, Preventive Analytics, Cloud Performance

How to drive better outcomes with data science, use analytics to prevent problems, and structure a cloud database for high performance.

Smarter AI Cities Foretell Dramatic Changes in 2018 and Beyond

Systems of the future, aided by AI, are here today, helping change how cities work.

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