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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Learn Text Analysis from Pop Lyrics, The Federalist Papers, and Jane Austen

Learn how to analyze text with compression, statistics, and n-grams using examples from pop culture, history, and literature.

Web Browsing Histories Now a Major Data Source for Analytics

An ISP's ability to sell our browsing history will create an additional big data source while expanding our digital footprints and further invading our privacy.

Myths and Realities of Deep Learning

Deep learning is rapidly reshaping the boundary of what we think of as possible.

Data Stories: Play with Your Data

Take a break from solving serious data problems and see how enthusiasts use data to judge the taste of water, evaluate movie ratings, and decide the box office champion.

Insights and New AI at Informatica World 2017

Highlights of the conference included inspirational user case studies, educational product demonstrations, and new product announcements.

Artificial and Real Artificial Intelligence

Is your organization using AI techniques that involve your data warehouse? If you want to add AI to your analytics, you'll need to distinguish authentic AI from marketing jargon.

"Turning Text into Gold" Offers Concise Overview of Text Analytics

This short introduction to taxonomies and text analysis is perfect for the analytics newbie or manager who wants an easy-to-understand overview of the technology and its benefits.

Data Stories: The Future of Work

What jobs are being replaced by automation, how much e-sports professionals can make, and how IT jobs are portrayed in TV and film.

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