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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: Statistics and Machine Learning, Climate Data and AI, Adaptive Cybersecurity

Understand how statistics differs from machine learning, how algorithms predict weather patterns, and how you should improve your security.

Data Digest: Data Science for Retail, City Growth, Game Development

How retailers and game developers use data science, and how researchers project the effects of city growth.

Data Stories: Drawing with GPS and Airplane Crashes

A giant GPS drawing, a chart of airplane crash causes, and a graphic showing when planes strike animals.

Data Stories: Make an Impression with Animation

Short animations can be used to tell stories or convey experiences. These examples show different views of a solar eclipse, subway growth in China, and a symptom of dyslexia.

Turning Social Media Into Business Intelligence

Social media is becoming a powerful BI tool that enterprises can leverage to create personas, identify trends, and build communities.

Let Your Data Flow: Three Steps to Connect Your Data to Your Decisions

Companies that learn how to join their information and decision processes efficiently will be the winners in the marketplace.

Data Stories: Location, Location, Location Data

Tracking foot traffic on campus, deliveries on route, and the spread of roundabouts.

Data Digest: Data Science Tools, Predictive Variables, Growing Automation

Help your data scientist with the right tools, choose the best predictors for your model, and understand why automation might take over more jobs.

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