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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Ordering, Pronouncing, and Eating Delicious Food

These visualizations compare restaurant attendance, pronunciation, and fast food calories.

Data Digest: Data Science Platforms, Job Ranking, and Marketing

The latest on the data science platform market, why data scientist is still the best job, and how data science helps marketing.

Timely Information: How Current Is This?

You need timely information for many personal and business decisions. When reports do not include an as-of or effective date, the omission can create confusion.

Data Stories: Avoiding Visualization Failures

Data visualizations are powerful, but they can be misinterpreted or misleading -- accidentally or intentionally.

Q&A: What's Ahead for the Data Landscape

What's ahead for your data? How can you keep up with the challenges of an ever-changing landscape?

Data Stories: Demographics, Height, and Health

These graphics allow you to see how some statistics differ across population groups, how much taller people have become over time, and how behavior and health are statistically related.

Data Digest: AI in Phones, Prediction, and Dating

Advances in new smartphone chips, skepticism about the power of predictive analytics, and detecting dating scams with machine learning.

Wrangling Data into a Holistic View

What challenges do enterprises face when bringing data together and what best practices can your organization use to prevent integration mistakes?

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