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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: How Data Affects the Business of Sports

Data collection and analysis determine how players are hired, change where baseballs are hit, and show trends in who’s watching.

Data Digest: Advertising and Other Data Science Use Cases, Future of Hadoop

A chief data scientist on ad technology and mentoring, 5 ways to start with data science, and what to expect next from Hadoop.

Data Digest: Quantum Data Science, Scientific Method, Hidden Data

Connecting data science to quantum computing, using the scientific method for data science, and the costs of hidden data.

Does the Analytics Tool Matter?

As data analysis becomes increasingly important, the debate over which tools to use also increases. However, the most important factor is the actual analytics value a tool provides to the business.

Data Stories: Career Paths, Grad School Debt, Occupational Romance

These interesting charts show how majors match careers, which grad programs have the least debt, and which professions are likely to marry each other.

Corporate Data, Not Big Data, Is Where the Value Is

Why a measured, strategic approach to capitalizing on your data may be just what your enterprise needs.

To Be Successful with Machine Learning, Expect to Learn As You Go

You probably have doubts about your organization's ability to build a successful machine learning practice. Focus on what you can control, and plan to learn as you go.

Data Digest: Books for Data Scientists, Overlooked Analytics Careers, Data and Financial Regulation

Books for aspiring data scientists, data analytics career options, and how data innovation may improve financial regulation.

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