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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: The Pros and Cons of Heatmaps

Although some would say heatmaps are inherently flawed, this visualization style can be effective if used correctly.

Averting Algorithmic Angst

Algorithms may not be as impartial as we think. Avoiding problems with algorithms will demand collaboration and novel thinking across your entire organization.

Can AI Fix Fake Facts? Maybe Not

Evaluating text with AI and machine learning may not be sufficient to identify "fake news."

Wanted: A Data Architecture for On-Demand Data Access

The way we integrate and provision data is incompatible with the requirements of new use cases such as data science.

Data Stories: Disease and Danger Across Time and Place

Data visualization can help us understand how causes of death change over time and how demographic factors are correlated with gun violence.

GPUs Help BI and AI Converge

If your enterprise needs to move to real-time analytics and incorporate the benefits of AI, these three trends are worth your attention.

Prejudice in the Machine Can Jeopardize Your Enterprise

AI algorithms must be well understood if enterprises are to shield their analytics results from bias.

Data Digest: Combining Data Science and AI, Predictive Analytics Vendors, IoT Trends

How data science and AI will work together, comparing market analysis for predictive analytics and data science platforms, and how IoT is already changing industries.

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