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Data and Business Leadership

5 Tips for Getting Your Team Thinking About Data

How to encourage your entire team to think about and use data every day.

Data Governance in a Big Data World

Robust governance programs will always be rooted in people and process, but you also need to choose the right technology, especially when working with big data.

Your Choices for Data Governance Are Growing

Data governance is an expanding market segment. In just the last two years, in fact, the field has expanded dramatically, a function of start-up and acquisition activity.

Data Monetization: A New Way of Thinking

Re-engineering your business around analytics -- that is the true meaning of data monetization.

Data Stories: Tech Revenues, Internet Speeds, Branding Trends

These charts show revenue streams for big tech companies, how broadband speed varies across the U.S., and how different industries use color in branding.

Data Digest: Analytics Culture, Predicting Tech Trends, Data Governance ROI

How businesses can move toward a data-driven culture, predict which technologies to invest in, and improve BI returns with data governance.

5 Steps for CDOs to Transform Data into a Strategic Asset

A unified approach to data management, supported by modern data management technologies, can help a chief data officer turn data into a strategic asset.

Beyond Data Governance in the Digital Business

The traditional distinction between governance planning and implementation won't work for data-driven digital businesses.

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