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Data Digest: Digital-Ready Enterprises, Cloud Data Management, Data Management Benchmarks

Prepare for digital transformation, compare the big data management services, and recognize inertia in financial data management.

Data by Itself May Not Be Enough

As data warehouse practitioners, we recognize the importance and value of our organizations' data. We must also recognize that it can only be useful if the proper processes and education are in place.

Data Digest: Business Models and Advice for Monetizing Data, Designing Dashboards

Learn about business models for monetizing information, other ways to turn data into profits, and tips for designing great dashboards.

Success in Omnichannel Marketing Depends on Analytics

It's not enough to have a single customer view, even one compiled from numerous customer channels. You must also expand marketing via advanced analytics.

Data Digest: IoT Vulnerabilities, Teen Cybersecurity Contest, Financial Impact of a Data Breach

An overlooked vulnerability in IoT devices, U.K. teenagers combat hackers, and the long-term financial fallout from data breaches.

Making Uncertainty Your Ally: How BI Plus Strategic Portfolio Management Increases ROI

A simple, classic visual tool can have surprising power.

Late to the Digital Game? You Can Still Win!

Some companies are born digital, some achieve digital, and some have digital thrust upon them. Which one are you?

Data Digest: Data Scientist Advice, Graph Databases and Data Quality for Customer Analytics

Career advice for aspiring data scientists, how graph databases can improve customer analytics, and how data quality affects your CRM.

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