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Data and Business Leadership

5 Minutes with a CEO: Dave Carmany of

A CEO explains his favorite analytics techniques and reveals how they played a part in his company's growth.

Great Analytics Requires Difficult Organizational Transformation

When it comes to getting the most out of their data, organizations are still leaving too much money on the table. How much? It depends.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Wil Benton of Chew

What's it like to run a company that manages a live streaming service? The CEO of a digital business must handle analytics daily in order to compete and grow.

5 Minutes with a CIO: Derek Kramer of Service King

Embedding analytics into daily operations has increased data-driven business decisions for this auto repair provider, in turn increasing productivity and efficiency.

Data Lake Management Innovations

When designed and managed properly, a data lake can enable faster, more trusted big data analytics.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Ricardo Porteus of

What's it like to be the CEO of a company that runs on analytics?

Does "Open" Mean "Free for the Taking"?

What should you do when someone takes credit for your work on an open-source project?

Q&A: Transform Company Culture by Transforming How Workers Approach Data

Creating a data-driven company involves changing how data is viewed and used, both by top management and by curious, trained office workers. Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, explains how leading firms have transformed company culture by helping employees use data more effectively.

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