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Data and Business Leadership

How to Bypass the Infrastructure Roadblock on the Path to Digital Transformation

Modern data integration and management capabilities are must-haves for digital transformation, but it's important for IT leaders to choose the right infrastructure strategy.

Data Digest: Retain Data Scientists, Categorize Data Science, Predictive Primer

How to keep data scientists during a merger, focus data science work by specialty, and teach businesspeople the basics of predictive analytics.

Data Digest: Data Ethics, Predictive Analytics Debate, ML Fairness

A new framework for data ethics, the debate on using predictive analytics for child welfare, and advice for building fairness into machine learning.

Recruiting AI Talent

Finding the right candidates with AI skills can be tough. These tips can help you find and land the right people.

Analytics is Only One Scenario in Decision-Making Support

Focusing on the "simpler" forms of analytics might be as valuable as investigating the more complex analytics approaches.

ABCs of Evaluating Your Advanced Analytics Initiative

Evaluating your advanced analytics initiatives can be as easy as checking their ABCs.

Data Digest: AI Basics, ML Decisions, Internet Bots

The definitions of AI and machine learning, how to tell whether you need ML, and what the spread of Internet bots could mean.

Building Transition Plans into Your Data Science Team

A transition plan built into your workflow can make personnel turnover smooth.

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