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No CDO? Better Think about Getting One

Do you have a chief data officer? By 2019, you probably will -- if only because almost all your competitors will have one.

Upside Briefing: SAS

Reflections on the recent SAS analyst meeting and two-day overview of where SAS is headed by TDWI's VP and senior research director for advanced analytics.

Improve Customer Service and Intelligence with MDM and Data Virtualization

Companies often lack a single version of the truth for customer, product, or service data. Two technologies can address the issue: data virtualization and master data management.

Data Digest: IoT Network Standards, Reporting Vulnerabilities, Evaluating Cybersecurity

When to expect new networking standards for IoT devices, how security vulnerabilities are reported, and why Consumer Reports is interested in cybersecurity.

5 Minutes with a Chief Analytics Officer: Michael O'Connell of TIBCO Software

O'Connell spoke recently about his work "at the confluence of analytics software and customers' business problems" and what he sees as the future of AI solutions.

Data Digest: Accessible Visualizations, Cloud Security, SQL for Data Science

Data availability for the visually impaired, good cloud security practices, and SQL’s importance for data science.

Technological Breakthroughs and Trusting Your Team

Russ Olsen advises technical people not to discount the human element. Without it you'll never pull off a real moonshot.

Time to Level Up: The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officer

The role of the CDO has evolved over time, from focusing on convincing an organization to manage its data to seeing the competitive advantage data affords. We examine the evolving role of the CDO and the direct impact that its maturity now may have on the tenure of that position.

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