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Data Digest: Targeted Phishing, Global Data Protection, Tech Economy Growth

How targeted hacking works, why businesses are worried about the GDPR, and how much the tech sector is growing in the U.S.

Breaking Down the Market for Data Science Platform Solutions

IBM, SAS, RapidMiner, and KNIME lead the pack in Gartner's new "Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms."

Careers: The Case for Specialization

Jill sings the praises of experts (if only she could sing!). Are you marketing your personal specialty?

Data Digest: Analytics for Airlines, Insurance, and Small Business Success

How advanced analytics could help airlines, why some health insurers are skeptical about predicting analytics, and how enterprises of any size can become big data leaders.

The Future of Data Governance

What might a governance model for data science and exploratory analytics look like? To get an idea, head down to your local Trader Joe's.

Spending by Lines of Business Will Equal That of IT Departments

IT-related spending by the line of business will grow faster than spending by enterprise IT departments starting this year. However, IDC projects that by 2020 spending will be more or less equal.

Lost Your Mojo? Answer These 10 Questions to Know for Sure

Jill helps you get your workplace mojo back -- but are you sure you want it?

Adapting Data Governance to Big Data

The importance and scope of big data will continue to grow. Data governance must adapt to keep pace.

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