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Data and Business Leadership

As You Move to the Cloud, Don’t Leave Your People on the Ground (Part 2 of 2)

With technology changes such as a migration to the cloud, managers need to prepare to understand and work with different personality types to manage the uncertainty and feel confident in supporting the change.

As You Move to the Cloud, Don’t Leave Your People on the Ground (Part 1 of 2)

With every technology change, there will be a variety of responses from the people in your organization. Understanding the personality and response types will help you retain and protect your staff.

Data Digest: Business Leadership and AI/ML

Communicating with business leaders about the expectations, practices, and opportunities surrounding AI and machine learning.

Data Digest: Tech and Data Leadership

Understanding data leadership, managing data science, and hiring tech leaders.

Understanding Data Security Posture Management for Protecting Cloud Data

Last year’s new trend in data security is laser-focused on the data layer.

The Age of Enlightenment in Cybersecurity

Securing your data requires an enlightened view of what exactly you’re trying to protect.

Data Reliability Engineering: What You Need to Know to Get Ready

As the importance of data to the enterprise continues to grow, organizations are building a new collection of tools and techniques to ensure they have the highest quality data.

How To Get the Upper Hand on Cloud Cost Management

These three steps can help your organization contain cloud expenses.

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