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Data and Business Leadership

The Most Effective Enterprise Data Analytics Strategies Always Look Beyond Technology

With AI bringing on a new phase in data analytics, we examine historical trends and the best practices enterprise technology leaders should pursue.

The Secret of Protecting Society Against AI: More AI?

As with many societal breakthroughs, there is a dark side to the upcoming AI revolution. It will fall to analytics professionals to help manage the resulting cybersecurity risks and their secret weapon will be more AI.

Beyond Spreadsheets: How Data-Driven Organizations Outperform the Rest

These four best practices can help you successfully build a data-driven organization.

Data Digest: The Business Value of Data

How CDOs can increase business value, how AI is changing industry, and how data scientists can improve their impact on their enterprises.

Executive Q&A: Developing Data-Focused Professionals

Employers continue to face challenges finding and hiring the talent they need. Amarda Shehu, Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean for AI Innovation, and AVPR of the Institute for Digital Innovation at George Mason University offers insights about developing that talent, especially the role higher education and government can play.

The Five Ds for AI Project Deployment Success

Adopting AI-enabled technologies requires more than buying a license. Enterprise IT groups need to examine their readiness for AI-led innovation using the five Ds of AI deployment.

Identify Generative AI’s Inherent Risks to Protect Your Business

Generative AI is the hot topic of the moment, but it’s not without risks to your enterprise. We explain the vulnerabilities and what you can do to guard against them.

The Top-Down Approach to AI: A Mandate for Today’s CEOs

Artificial intelligence is a fast-changing technology, and CEOs must do more than just be aware of it. As a CEO, it’s up to you to lead the charge into the AI-enabled future for your enterprise.

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