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Data and Business Leadership

Why Enterprises Are Repatriating Data from the Cloud

More enterprises are moving data and platforms away from public clouds. What’s driving this change?

Organizations Must Be Prudent To Realize Value In Generative AI

With all the new technology flooding the market, how do you know where to make the wisest AI investments? Here are three principles to guide you.

A Closer Look at a Critical Partnership for Hybrid Generative AI

Hybrid AI is one of the big trends for 2023, but not all hybrid AI solutions meet an essential condition.

Building a Better Analytics Team

As a data and analytics leader, you have the charter to deliver results. The heart of achieving this goal is to build a great team and empower them to drive toward success.

From Peak Hype to Reality: Deriving Actionable Insights and ROI from AI

AI can be highly effective at automating the data life cycle and managing data efficiently. It may just be the catalyst enterprises need to increase their focus on data classification, sustainability, and governance next year.

How To Prepare Your Organization for AI’s Impact on Data Processes and Products

Here’s what your enterprise will need to benefit from generative AI.

Should AI Require Societal Informed Consent?

In many aspects of our lives, people must grant their permission in order to achieve something -- set the terms of a contract or complete a transaction, for example. Should similar informed consent be part of our AI use as well?

Picking an AI Vendor: Look for Indemnification and Experience

AI is full of promise, but also pitfalls. Heed this advice about AI indemnification and training data set best practices to help keep your enterprise and your career safe.

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