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Data and Business Leadership

How to Monetize Your Data Assets

TDWI Research senior director James Kobielus discusses how to succeed at data monetization.

Data Digest: Driving Business Growth with Analytics and AI

Leveraging data, the importance of analytics and AI, and how AI can improve your business.

Five Tips for Getting the FinOps Conversation Started

Before you can get cloud spending under control by implementing a FinOps framework, you’ll need to have corporate buy-in. Here’s how to get started.

Executive Q&A: Controlling Cloud Egress Costs

As the cloud grows in popularity and its use expands, enterprises are finding that their cloud costs also expand, including little-understood egress costs. Adit Madan, director of products at Alluxio, sheds light on several best practices that can help you reduce these costs.

Data Digest: Exploring Data, Business ROI, Managing Staff

Explaining exploratory data analysis, gaining business value from analytics, and keeping your IT staff.

Four Ways to Cut Your Cloud Costs

Reducing storage, messaging queue, and transit and computing costs and minimizing data consumption can help you cut your cloud costs.

How Pyramid Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Data Strategy

By taking a top-down approach to developing your data strategy, you can meet your organizational goals even more efficiently.

Five Steps to Balancing Centralized and Decentralized Data Governance

Organizations must realign responsibilities and decision rights between the central data governance authority and the decentralized business functions. Here’s how.

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