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Data and Business Leadership

Beyond Data Governance in the Digital Business

The traditional distinction between governance planning and implementation won't work for data-driven digital businesses.

When It Comes to Data, Agility and Governance Are in Harmony

Most technology scenarios pit the agility needed by business users against the governance needs of IT. With data, this internecine conflict can disappear.

Four Keys to Achieving Value Faster from BI and Analytics

Although technology advances are making a difference, organizations also need to improve practices and leadership to realize value from BI and analytics sooner.

Data Integration and Machine Learning: A Natural Synergy

In the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data integration plays a key role in the digital transformation of any enterprise in any industry.

Data Digest: SMBs Smart on Security, CDO Trends, Improving Your Security

What small businesses are doing right with security, how the CDO role is changing, and how you can improve your security in four steps.

Risk Management Meets AI

Given the increasing risks and regulations faced by enterprises today, AI will be vital for dealing with this complex environment.

Data Digest: Digital-Ready Enterprises, Cloud Data Management, Data Management Benchmarks

Prepare for digital transformation, compare the big data management services, and recognize inertia in financial data management.

Data by Itself May Not Be Enough

As data warehouse practitioners, we recognize the importance and value of our organizations' data. We must also recognize that it can only be useful if the proper processes and education are in place.

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