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Data Digest: Trends to Watch in AI, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, and Data Science

It’s 2017, and there are many exciting developments anticipated in the data world. Make sure you’re ready to prepare for new technology trends.

5 Minutes with a CEO: Sejun Ra of ZEPL

What does it take to be a successful CEO, and where is analytics going from a CEO perspective?

The Primary Principles of Business-Incident Detection for BI

Is your enterprise making the most of incident and anomaly detection?

Data Digest: Prepare for Data Breaches and Ransomware, Communicate with Data Scientists

Help your enterprise respond to data breaches and defend against ransomware -- and help your nontechnical staff communicate with machine learning experts.

2016: An Uncanny Year in Review

This year will go down as a strange, even uncanny, kind of year.

That Was the Year That Was: Major BI Events of 2016 (and Predictions for 2017)

Industry analyst Michael Schiff shares the results of last year's predictions and what he foresees in the coming year.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Mike Driscoll of Metamarkets

Mike Driscoll of Metamarkets explains where data analytics and data science are headed, the tools and techniques that have great potential, and the beauty of tables in displaying analytics results.

Data Digest: Starting Analytics Projects, Data Wrangling, Governing Self-Service BI

How to get started with data analytics, improve your data wrangling, and set expectations for data governance in self-service BI.

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