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How Do Data Scientists Really Feel about Their Work?

Being a data scientist isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Data science has its share of boring, repetitive tasks. On the whole, however, data scientists really love their work.

How Banks Can Use Their Data to Compete with Fintech Start-ups

Big financial institutions are recognizing that years of data collection can be used to counter challenges from smaller financial start-ups.

Data Digest: Aging Data Formats, Unifying Data with Machine Learning, Screen Time Survey

Preparing for obsolete data formats, new data unification technologies, and a survey on children’s use of electronics.

Data Digest: Governmental Data Use, Graph Databases, Mobile Coverage Needs

How Congress could encourage data innovation, the state of the graph database market, and the importance of good mobile coverage at the office.

AI at Long Last?

We're still far from anything like general-purpose artificial intelligence, but we're witnessing an explosion in the availability of function-specific AI.

Managing the Data Lake Monster

Data lakes offer organizations many positives, but they also have the potential to grow aimlessly, consuming an ever-larger share of storage, computing horsepower, technology personnel, and budget.

Data Digest: Big Data Ethics, Cloud Strategies, Data Science Careers

The ethical questions around profiling customers with big data, new business models enabled by cloud computing, and an infographic on data science career trends.

Data Digest: Cloud Service Models, Consumer VR Opinions, Password Practices

A pizza metaphor for software-as-a-service, what consumers think of the latest VR offerings, and a fact or fiction game for password best practices.

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