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Data and Business Leadership

3 Steps for Establishing Your Chief Data Office the Right Way

You can avoid common challenges associated with creating a C-level data office by partnering with both IT and business leaders on three critical tasks.

He Works for Me but Constantly Argues!

Advice for managers on how to handle a team member who won't back down.

Data Digest: BI Strategy, CDO Work, Office Tech Reliability

Seven keys to successful BI strategy, understanding the role of the CDO, and how much time is lost to office technology issues.

Data Digest: CIOs and GDPR, Governance and MDM, IT Hiring

A new way to look at GDPR, why governance and MDM go together, and trends in IT hiring.

Balancing Self-Service, Governed BI, and Analytics

Business users and IT can improve their working relationships by following these rules of engagement.

Data Digest: Hiring a CDO, AI and Privacy Compliance, Unhelpful Database Standards

Writing a chief data officer job description, using AI to follow privacy regulations, and keeping database standards useful through regular revision.

5 Tips for Getting Your Team Thinking About Data

How to encourage your entire team to think about and use data every day.

Data Governance in a Big Data World

Robust governance programs will always be rooted in people and process, but you also need to choose the right technology, especially when working with big data.

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