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Three Organizational Best Practices for Becoming Data-Driven

If people in your enterprise don't buy into data-driven techniques, try these three organizational best practices to make individual change more successful.

Machine Learning: From "In Vogue" to "In Production"

What is happening now in machine learning is very much like the homebrew computer movement from a half-century ago.

Data Digest: Innovation and Self-Service in Analytics

How analytics drives innovation, self-service analysis spreads, and self-service can be governed.

Data, Security, and Digital Business: The Eternal Braid

Only when data is embraced as a core asset of your organization and security is accepted as a daily business issue can real digital transformation occur.

Before Hiring a Chief Analytics Officer, Answer These 3 Questions

These three questions can help sort out whether you want or really need a CAO in your organization.

Data Digest: Trends in Big Data, Software, and BI

In 2018, the growth in data volumes will continue to spur changes in data storage, software development, and analytics.

Data Digest: Data Strategy Trends

Trends to watch next year in big data, IT management, and digital transformation.

Avoiding Data Discord in Your Enterprise

The vortex of anger, criticism, and abuse that has engulfed the Web must not be allowed to pollute business decision making.

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