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Dave Stoddard

David Stodder

Senior Director of TDWI Research for business intelligence

David Stodder is senior director of TDWI Research for business intelligence. He focuses on providing research-based insights and best practices for organizations implementing BI, analytics, data discovery, data visualization, performance management, and related technologies and methods and has been a thought leader in the field for over two decades. Previously, he headed up his own independent firm and served as vice president and research director with Ventana Research. He was the founding chief editor of Intelligent Enterprise where he also served as editorial director for nine years.



  • Achieving High-Value Analytics with Data Virtualization

    Analytics projects are critical to business success, and as a result, they are growing in size, number, complexity, and perhaps most important, in their data requirements. TDWI finds that data scientists, business analysts, and other personnel need to view and access data that resides in multiple sources, both on premises and in the cloud, to draw insights from data relationships and discover important patterns and trends. July 31, 2018 View Now

  • Cloud or On Premises for Analytics: Why Not Choose Hybrid?

    Business users today are clamoring for more analytics so they can explore data in detail and build business-driven analytic models. However, many organizations are on the horns of a dilemma: Where should they put the data and process analytics workloads? The cloud offers tempting flexibility and price points—plus the “gravity” of cloud-based applications is pulling more data generation into the cloud, and it can make sense to do analytics processing on cloud platforms. On the other hand, on premises is where many organizations feel more comfortable and have more experience from data management, governance, and security perspectives. It’s a big decision. July 26, 2018 View Now

  • AI for BI: Tapping Into the Potential of AI and Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence (BI) has much to gain from one of today’s most exciting trends: the infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) practices and techniques such as machine learning into BI. AI is important for supporting imperatives to make better and faster decisions, particularly as part of daily operations decisions and business processes that cannot wait long for accurate insights. June 19, 2018 View Now

  • Strategies for Solving Business Problems Faster with Visualytics

    While visualization is about telling a story with data for consumption, visualytics is visually understanding your data while you work and model it. Not waiting until the output to see and understand your data can give business users and analysts a faster path to uncovering critical insights for addressing business challenges and answering questions. Technologies that enable data visualization and analytics have previously been evolving separately, but leading solutions today have merged them together to give users new and easier ways of drawing insights from data and putting them into action for smarter decisions. June 14, 2018 View Now

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