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Research Reports

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TDWI Data Points | Internal Data Marketplaces

September 29, 2023

This TDWI Data Points Report discusses the current state of internal data marketplaces. It examines the challenges organizations are facing, the opportunities for internal marketplaces, and the value they can provide.

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TDWI Checklist Report | Six Best Practices for Harnessing Real-Time and Streaming Data Pipelines

September 21, 2023

This TDWI Checklist Report examines six important considerations and best practices for managing streaming data for real-time use.

Q3 2023 Best Practices Report Cover Image

TDWI Best Practices Report | Achieving Scalable, Agile, and Comprehensive Data Management and Data Governance

September 6, 2023

This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on understanding current challenges to data governance, integration, and quality.

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TDWI Insight Accelerator | Introducing Generative AI into Financial Services Enterprises

August 31, 2023

This TDWI Insight Accelerator examines use cases for generative AI specific to the financial services industry, overall concerns about adopting generative AI, challenges that must be overcome, and advice for planning and executing an enterprise AI strategy.

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TDWI Insight Accelerator | Generative AI: What Every Data and Analytics Professional Should Know

August 11, 2023

This TDWI Insight Accelerator explains how generative AI will impact data and analytics professionals.

2023 Alteryx Playbook Cover image

TDWI Playbook | Unifying Your Data Platform Architecture

July 31, 2023

Recently, there has been a shift in data management toward a unified architecture and platform that supports modern analytics. This TDWI Playbook provides four key plays to getting started with unified data platform architectures.

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TDWI Insight Accelerator | Saving Time and Costs: How Small and Midsize Businesses Can Maximize the Power of Data

July 28, 2023

This TDWI Insight Accelerator identifies key issues that SMBs need to address and offers recommendations for modernizing data integration and user experiences to maximize business benefits.

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