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Research Reports

2023 Alteryx Playbook Cover image

TDWI Playbook | Unifying Your Data Platform Architecture

July 31, 2023

Recently, there has been a shift in data management toward a unified architecture and platform that supports modern analytics. This TDWI Playbook provides four key plays to getting started with unified data platform architectures.

research report cover image

TDWI Insight Accelerator | Saving Time and Costs: How Small and Midsize Businesses Can Maximize the Power of Data

July 28, 2023

This TDWI Insight Accelerator identifies key issues that SMBs need to address and offers recommendations for modernizing data integration and user experiences to maximize business benefits.

CData-Databricks checklist cover image

TDWI Checklist Report | Six Steps for Simplifying Data Lakehouse Integration to Reduce Latency and Enable Real-Time Reporting

June 22, 2023

This TDWI Checklist Report focuses on two important developments coming together to support today’s data demands: unifying data management with a data lakehouse and modernizing data pipelines.

TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report 2023

2023 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report
TDWI Member Exclusive

June 16, 2023

Average salaries continued to rise in keeping with recent trends. See the fresh new look for our 2023 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report.

report cover image

TDWI Best Practices Report | Achieving Success with Modern Analytics

June 7, 2023

This Best Practices Report examines the drivers for modern analytics and the current state of analytics adoption.

Snowflake Checklist Report Cover Image

TDWI Checklist Report | Five Steps to Optimize Both Cost and Performance with Cloud Data Platforms

May 31, 2023

Critical to achieving goals is being able to optimize both cost and performance of cloud data platforms, which is the focus of this TDWI Checklist Report.

checklist report cover image

TDWI Checklist Report | Modernizing Your Data Warehouse and Analytics: Key Pillars of a Data Lakehouse

May 25, 2023

This TDWI Checklist Report examines what sets the data lakehouse apart from the data warehouse and the data lake and the key pillars of the modern cloud data lakehouse.

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