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Research Reports

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TDWI Insight Accelerator | Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Business Profitability with Data-Driven Retail Personalization

October 12, 2022

This TDWI Insight Accelerator focuses on data-driven personalization strategies for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations.

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TDWI Checklist | Five Best Practices for Data Security in Modern Cloud Platforms

September 30, 2022

This Checklist examines five organizational and technology best practices for managing data access in modern environments.

Informatica Playbook Cover Image

TDWI Playbook | The Data Integration Cloud Modernization Playbook

September 30, 2022

For this playbook, we interviewed data professionals from three organizations that recently modernized their data environments.

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TDWI Best Practices Report | Maximizing Business Value with Data Platforms, Data Integration, and Data Management

September 29, 2022

This TDWI Best Practices Report explores current practices for maximizing the value of data platforms as well as independent data integration and data management technologies and services.

Presicely Financial Services Checklist Cover image

Checklist Report | Best Practices for Succeeding with Data Integrity in Financial Services

September 27, 2022

This TDWI Checklist discusses how data integrity best practices help financial services to succeed in five ways.

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TDWI Checklist Report | Enhancing Data Integrity and Improving Decision-Making Through Geocoding and Data Enrichment

September 21, 2022

This TDWI Checklist Report provides guidance for enhancing data integrity through address verification, geocoding, and data enrichment.

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TDWI Checklist Report | Seven Data Governance Best Practices for Your Data Warehouse and Data Lake

August 29, 2022

This TDWI Checklist Report discusses seven top data governance best practices for your data warehouse and data lake.

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