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TDWI Events | Virtual Training

In-Depth Education at Your Desk

TDWI offers a variety of live, remote training from seminars to team training, as well as self-paced, online courses. Earn a certificate at one of our upcoming virtual seminars or online class and learn the most in-demand skills in data and analytics.

Upcoming Virtual Summits

Upcoming Live, Virtual Seminars

Online Learning Courses

Earn a certificate by completing self-paced online courses. Course styles include multi-week programs that begin on a specific date, or self-serve classes with 4-8 hours of instruction.

  • Modern Data Warehouse Platforms and Architectures for the Cloud NEW!

    Learn about the major cloud data platforms, their abilities to support the modern data warehouse, key architectural features, and how to choose the platform that is right for your business. Richard Winter and Norbert Kremer, experts in data management at scale, walk you through everything you need to know about cloud data platforms and architecture.

  • Data Strategy I: A Corporate Plan for Data NEW!

    Learn how to develop a data strategy that supports your business goals to ensure adoption and drive success. In Part 1 of this two-course series, expert practitioner Evan Levy defines the framework for a successful data strategy.

  • Delivering Data Faster: Innovations in Integration Tools NEW!

    Innovations in data integration technology are unlocking new business capabilities, reshaping data architecture, and shifting development workflows to new participants. Join Mark Madsen for an in-depth review of modern data integration techniques and to learn what solutions are the best match for your business.

  • DataOps: How to Deliver Analytics Better and Faster NEW!

    Get started with the latest approach to producing and managing data and analytics solutions: DataOps. Ready to meet the unique challenge of modern programs, DataOps applies agile principles to the development, delivery, and management of analytics solutions while ensuring data quality and data governance, reducing time frames, and maximizing business value.

  • Data Strategy II: Developing the Roadmap NEW!

    Learn how to develop a data strategy that supports your business goals to ensure adoption and drive success. In Part 2 of this two-course series, expert practitioner Evan Levy describes the process of building the data strategy and the roadmap document.

  • Governance and Compliance in the Age of Self-Service NEW!

    You can build a modern data governance program to meet the dual challenges of enabling self-service and meeting compliance objectives. Donald Farmer lays out a new model for data governance that meets these competing goals, balancing the needs of business with the concerns of IT.

  • Data Catalogs – Finally a Mechanism to Tame the Chaos! NEW!

    The data catalog is a key component of modern data management programs, connecting the business to needed information to power modern analytics and self-service, support analysis of data lineage and usage, and drive data governance. Learn the best practices and discover how to get started with this course from Claudia Imhoff.

  • TDWI Information Dashboard Design NEW!

    Information dashboards are an essential modern method for delivering information and intelligence. Learn the principles and practices of dashboard design from expert practitioner Richard Hines, including measurement concepts, data visualization principles, user interface design, and much more.

  • TDWI Data Virtualization NEW!

    Get ready to expand your data integration capabilities, deliver business-speed information, and make the most of recent advances in data virtualization technology. Through a combination of lecture and case study review, you will learn how data virtualization works and how to position it in your data integration architecture and processes.

  • Hands-on: Predictive Analytics for Everyone with Excel NEW!

    Learn the fundamentals of predictive analytics—without having to write code! Using Excel, David Langer will teach you how to frame a business challenge, train a predictive model using linear regression, and evaluate your results.

  • Hands-on: Business Analysis for Everyone with Excel NEW!

    Develop the data literacy skills you need to be a trusted business analyst, able to extract key business insights from data and to communicate your findings with focused clarity. No programming or difficult mathematics required!

  • TDWI Data Science Bootcamp POPULAR

    TDWI’s first-ever Data Science Bootcamp will lay the groundwork for your journey to becoming data scientist. Data Science is not just a set of mathematical formulas but a means to gain insight from the information that can shape your organizations future. This intensive learning experience covers the most important aspects of a data scientist’s role. You’ll learn essential data science skills directly from today’s data science thought leaders. From sourcing and preparing data, to analytic modeling with data, interpreting results, and delivering insights to the business, the Bootcamp provides end-to-end coverage of what it takes to succeed as a data scientist.

  • Hands-on: Data Science in R POPULAR

    This course is designed to teach you the most practical data science techniques in R to find valuable data insights.

  • NoSQL Bootcamp: Hands-on with MongoDB and Neo4j

    Enroll in this new 7-week intensive program that combines weekly lectures and walkthroughs with hands-on activities to help you understand the fundamentals of NoSQL platforms.

  • Hands-on: Intro to Python for Data Analysis POPULAR

    Hands-on: Intro to Python for Data Analysis is a workshop aimed at individuals who are new to programming and would like to learn Python.

  • Supervised Machine Learning with Python

    Enroll in this new 7-week course to learn how to perform supervised machine learning using Python, one of the most popular languages in data science and predictive analytics.

  • TDWI Data Quality Management

    This course is designed to help your organization better understand and successfully tackle your data quality challenges.

  • TDWI Data Modeling

    Get excited as this course provides data modelers with techniques for developing sustainable normalized and dimensional data warehouse and data mart models on relational DBMS platforms to help satisfy your business needs.

  • TDWI Advanced Data Modeling Techniques

    Go beyond basic data modeling concepts to explore the more complex situations faced with data modelers today.

  • TDWI Requirements for Data-Driven Enterprises

    This course recognizes that understanding needs for data driven initiatives differs from the process for traditional efforts. The contrasts are emphasized throughout the course and are addressed through discussions about the challenges, requirements classifications, requirement discovery techniques, requirements elicitation and products, and requirements analysis and management.

  • TDWI Predictive Analytics Fundamentals

    Extend your analytics program from gaining insight to providing foresight with this great introduction to predictive analytics skills.

  • TDWI Business Intelligence Principles and Practices: Charting the Course to BI Success

    Learn the basics of business intelligence from end to end with industry expert Jonathan Geiger.

  • TDWI Data Governance Innovations

    Designed to take on the important topic of governing data within the fast-moving environment we live in today with the considerable changes in the environment that are forcing us to change our thinking about Data Governance and adapt.

  • TDWI Analytics Fundamentals

    A full course overview of analytics, from foundational principles to how and why to implement.

  • TDWI Dimensional Data Modeling Primer

    Delve into metrics to understand the factors that contribute to reported results.

  • TDWI Data Quality Fundamentals

    Gain a solid foundation of key concepts, principles, and terminology related to data quality with this great introduction to data quality skills.

  • TDWI Analytics Primer FREE

    An introductory overview of analytics, from foundational principles to how and why to implement. Try it, Risk Free!

  • TDWI Data Governance Fundamentals

    Provides the necessary knowledge to help you scope, design and implement an effective program in your organization.

  • TDWI Data Governance Basics

    This one hour self-paced online course explains key concepts, roles, and benefits of a data governance program.

  • TDWI Data Visualization Fundamentals

    Get the foundational skills you need to better communicate with data, select the right charts that tell the right story, and bring value to your team with this online course. Log in any time, from anywhere and start earning a certificate with TDWI.


Online Virtual Team Training ImageRegardless if your team is in the office or working remotely, keep them connected with live, instructor-led training that focuses specifically on the needs of your organization, your team, and your data.

TDWI’s Team Training Program has all of your bases covered with in-depth, actionable education from experienced instructors that will equip your organization with the skills they need to move their projects forward. Our team will work with your schedule and budget to design a custom, training curriculum from our broad selection of courses, workshops, and additional resources. Get the training your team needs with out the need for travel.

For more information, please visit our Team Training page.