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BI This Week Archive

Improving Marketing Data with Human Computation (December 1, 2016)

BI-Enabled Business Performance Management (November 7, 2016)

Rethinking Data Movement: From Data Flow to Data Pipelines (October 6, 2016)

Six Genres of Data Stories (September 8, 2016)

Data: Innovation's Gateway (August 4, 2016)

Why Cognitive Computing Is So Important for Healthcare (July 7, 2016)

The Era of Self-Service Analytics (June 2, 2016)

Three Steps for Transitioning to a New DW/BI Environment (May 5, 2016)

3 Trademarks of a Good Agile BI Coach (April 7, 2016)

Why SQL? (March 3, 2016)

2015 TDWI BI Benchmark Report: More Maturity and Value in BI Deployments (February 4, 2016)

The Importance of Data Preparation to Predictive Analytics (January 14, 2016)

3 Tech Trends to Watch; Hadoop in the Cloud; In-Memory Tech Myths and Reality (January 6, 2016)

The Year in Review; Operationalizing Analytics; Finding Stories in Data (December 16, 2015)

Viewing Business Intelligence through a Capability Lens (December 10, 2015)

Are You Ready for Hadoop?; Why Analytics Must Grow; BI Self-Service Trends (December 9, 2015)

A Brief History of Data Modelling; Multilingualism and BI; Making Data Stories Meaningful (December 2, 2015)

The Changing Face of Geospatial Analytics; Cloud MPP Data Warehouses (November 18, 2015)

Even Bigger Big Data; 3 Imperatives of IoT's Future; Paxata Data Prep (November 11, 2015)

Data Engineering: A New Way to Manage and Process Data (November 5, 2015)

A Platform for All Data; Big Data Use Cases; Securing the IoT (November 4, 2015)

Best Practices for Big Data Projects; 6 Principles of Data Storytelling; Mobile BI UI (October 28, 2015)

Defining the Logical Data Warehouse; An Analytics Platform for Education (October 21, 2015)

A Great Data Imbalance; Don't Make BI Users Fear for Their Jobs (October 14, 2015)

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