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Maximize Your Migration: Keys to Successfully Migrate to the Data Cloud

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: Maximize Your Migration: Keys to Successfully Migrate to a Cloud Data Warehouse

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The Cloud Migration Odyssey: How to Find Your Way

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the standard. Organizations shifting from legacy on-premises data management to the cloud are accelerating this change. It’s a small wonder: Cloud data platforms offer a range of benefits, such as scalability, elasticity, ease of use, and modern technologies. However, without a good plan, it is easy to lose your way. How do you make your migration to the data cloud a success—not a long, aimless wandering?

Three issues are at the forefront:

  • Planning and setting goals. All your key personas—executives, business users, data scientists, analysts, and data engineers—need fresh data continuously. To support them, data migration must be fast and smart, taking advantage of modern, AI-infused technologies.
  • Governance and data trust. With so much data in the cloud, users need stewardship and guardrails so they know that they are adhering to relevant rules and policies and are confident in the quality, accuracy, and completeness of data.
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements. Organizations in all industries face laws that affect data access, analytics, and sharing. Both people management and well-integrated, cloud-based solutions are essential to reducing compliance risks while enabling users to interact with and share data properly.

Join this free TDWI Virtual Solution Spotlight to learn how your organization can achieve speed and success in migrating data warehousing, governance, and data management to the cloud.

You will hear live discussion about top migration challenges as perceived from today’s C-suite, as well as tips for success. Speakers from TDWI, Texas Mutual, and Alation will be ready to field your questions and help you set your cloud-data migration strategy.

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Date: July 20
Time: 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. ET

  • David Stodder

    David Stodder

    Senior Director of Research for Business Intelligence at TDWI

    Achieving the Benefits of Cloud Migration: Research Trends and Best Practices

    An overwhelming percentage of organizations surveyed by TDWI (86 percent) regard migration to cloud data management as critical to the success of their overall data strategy. Cloud computing can free organizations from physical and cost constraints imposed by on-premises systems. Organizations are more nimble in response to new business-driven data requirements; they can expand data access to more people. However, to realize the benefits, organizations need to rethink legacy practices and deploy technologies that respond to today’s challenges, including governance.

    In this talk, TDWI’s David Stodder will share research insights into issues and pitfalls business and IT leaders face as they steer data management into the cloud. Key issues include:

    • Cloud migration challenges and how leading organizations are addressing them
    • The right balance between expanded, cloud-based self-service data access and analytics and growing governance and regulatory requirements
    • The importance of “data about the data” i.e., essential repositories of metadata managed in data catalogs and how AI, ML and automation are making catalogs smarter and easier to use
    • Best practices for achieving cloud migration benefits for modern data warehouses and related data management
  • Anthony Seraphim

    Vice President of Data Governance, Texas Mutual Insurance

    Anthony Seraphim is vice president of data governance at Texas Mutual Insurance. He has broad experience in data management across industries that include banking, insurance, and healthcare.

    In his talk, he will discuss:

    • Steps Texas Mutual took to ensure their data was governed and useful to stakeholders as the organization underwent cloud transformation
    • How governed, trusted data provides real-time visibility and up-to-the-minute awareness to drive business investment decisions
    • How the business manages regulatory risk with on-demand, data cataloging in the cloud
    • How Texas Mutual achieved successful data governance that delivers results
  • Matt Turner

    Director of Industry Strategy, Alation

    Matt Turner is the Director of Industry Strategy at Alation where he works closely with customers and partners to help them bring data intelligence and data culture to their organizations and realize the value of data in their industries. Before joining Alation, Matt was the Chief Strategy Officer for Media and Manufacturing at Enterprise NoSQL provider MarkLogic and was a strategic advisor to GitHub and other software and solution providers.

    In his talk, he will cover:

    • How to set actionable goals when forming your cloud data migration strategy
    • Why data governance is a key element of cloud migration and data strategy overall
    • Steps organizations take to ensure the security of their data throughout migration

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