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Data Digest: Turning Data into Action, Automated Security Analysis, and Data Visualization Highlights

Case studies showing how big data can lead to enterprise advancements, why fully automated security analysis is impossible, and outstanding illustrations of well-done data visualization.

Turning Data into Action and Value
(Source: Datamation)

Collecting large amounts of data is all well and good, but, no matter how much you collect, without a strategic vision of what to do with the data, it will be useless. This article offers case studies in which big data led unexpectedly to advancements in an enterprise and gives strategic ideas that any enterprise can use.


Why Fully Automated Security Analysis is Impossible
(Source: Information Age)

IBM recently rolled out the first robot that can do smart data analysis the same way a human can, leading to the hope that in all enterprises, all analytic jobs will be done by robots. This article argues that the reins of security analytics should not be given to software and makes a strong case against it.


Outstanding Illustrations of Well-Done Data Visualizations
(Source: Maptive)

Visualization is not only a crucial part of a data scientist’s job; if done right, it also can simplify highly complex sets of data and make them understandable to everyone. This article shows eight strong examples of complex data visualized that may give your enterprise ideas for how to visualize your data.

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