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A Great Data Imbalance

There is no denying the significant business value associated with structured data, but what about unstructured data?

Don't Make BI Users Fear for Their Jobs

Explaining how BI will likely positively impact users' routines and their place in the organization will do much to lessen their resistance to your efforts.

Data Digest: Big Data Insights, Usable Big Data, and Warehouses in the Cloud

Turning data into effective action, turning big data into usable data, and the future of data warehouses is the cloud.

Data Digest: Effective Data Science Teams, Solving Poor Information Management, and Protecting Data from the Inside

How to get the most from data science teams, plus protecting data from inside threats and overcoming poor information management.

Data Digest: IoT Value, Revolutionizing Data Management, and the Human Element in Data Analytics

The shift to NoSQL and big data requires new data management strategies and techniques. Plus finding the Internet of Things' real value with analytics and bringing the human element to data analytics.

Q&A: Visualization Tools Fall Short Without Power of a Platform Behind Them

Today's BI users aren't looking for just a visualization tool. They want and need an analytics platform that includes governance and analytics, among other features.

Top 4 Myths about Big Data

Don't let these myths lead you astray in considering a big data initiative.