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Data Digest: Big Data Cloud Storage, Turning Data-Driven into Competitive, and Data Delivery

How to find safe, third-party cloud storage, moving from a data-driven enterprise to a competitive one, and getting the most accurate data to the people who need it.

Data Digest: Big Data Missteps, Making Open Source Work, and Approaching Data Lakes

Effectively using open source, avoiding missteps in your big data project, and how to avoid struggling with data lakes.

Four Reasons to Analyze Customer Behavior

How enterprises can engage, retain, and strengthen bonds with their customers.

Making the Most of Legacy Data (Part 1 of 2)

Old data can still provide new insights.

Data Digest: Governance v. Management, Cloud v. Virtualization, and Growing Your Business with Big Data

Learning the right terminology is important. Two articles draw distinctions: one between data management and data governance, the other between cloud and data virtualization. Finally, five ways your enterprise can use big data to grow your business.

Data Digest: Predictive Models, Customer Behavior, and Securing Your Most Valuable Data

When predictive models add value, why predicting buyer behavior is so tricky, and how to protect the 98 percent of your data hackers can use to get to the most valuable 2 percent.

Data Digest: Data Modeling and Business Value, Plus Data Recovery and Log Data

Data modeling isn't just about getting the right results; it's important to know when your model has "expired." Plus using log data as a security weapon and a look at disaster recovery techniques.