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Data Digest: Data Scientist's Role, Best Data Management Practices, and the Upcoming Flood of Unstructured Data

What is a data scientist and what will that role look like in the future? Plus best practices in data management and the upcoming flood of unstructured data sets.

Understanding the Data Scientist
(Source: Datanami)

The data scientist was the hottest new job in 2015, and the hype train has continued to roll. However, it is important to know what being a data scientist means before hiring one. This article covers what the data scientist was, what it has become, and what it will be in the future.


Best Practices in Data Management
(Source: Information Age)

Huge amounts of new data will be piling on enterprises in 2016. It will take guidance to sort through it all for useful information. However, understanding how to manage all the new data comes first.

Unstructured Data Set to Flood Enterprise
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

Most of the incoming data will be unstructured. Because it takes up more room, it will take up more space by definition. Once you know how to manage data, know how to unlock unstructured data’s potential is next. This article reviews the differences between structured and unstructured data as well as what to keep in mind when looking at unstructured data.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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