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Data Digest: BI Scalablity, Big Data and Truth, Solving Security Staffing

Articles focus on building a deeper understanding of business intelligence scalability, how big data complicates the traditional "single version of the truth" mantra, and solving security staffing shortages internally.

Understanding Business Intelligence Scalability
(Source: Solutions Review)

Scalability is a term used with regards to system storage; a better scaling system is one that can support a larger load without crashing. However, scalability can also be applied to business intelligence and analytics in productive ways, as this article explains.


Big Data Complicates “Single Version of the Truth”
(Source: Datanami)

Data warehousing and analytics are supposed to answer any sort of question thrown at it in the exact same way. However, with more people privy to the same set of data, the more answers people are coming up differ despite asking the same question. As this article reveals, a larger pool of people analyzing data leads to a larger pool of truths.


Solving Security Struggles Internally
(Source: Computer World)

Hiring a world-class cybersecurity officer is viewed as a requirement nowadays with the large number of data breaches, yet there are not enough of them to go around. As this article discusses, it is difficult to find someone with the proper skills.  Enterprises might be better off hiring and training a cybersecurity officer internally instead.

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