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TDWI Webinars on Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics

TDWI Webinars deliver unbiased information on pertinent issues in the big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics industry. Each live Webinar is roughly one hour in length and includes an interactive question-and-answer session following the presentation.

On Demand

The Three Pillars of Data Governance: Compliance, Trust, and Transformation

Motivating factors like compliance and trust inform practical transformation; at the same time, transformations enforce compliance and establish trust. In this webinar we discuss these different factors and how they inspire the creation of an extraordinary data governance program.

David Loshin

Speeding Analytics with Spark, Data Lakes and Change Data Capture

View this TDWI Webinar to learn how your organization can up its game when it comes to operational reporting and analytics.

David Stodder

Achieving Business Value Using Hybrid Analytics

Attend this webinar to learn how you can join this movement toward hybrid analytics and why this is the future of analytics.

Fern Halper, Ph.D.

Achieving High-Value Analytics with Data Virtualization

Watch this TDWI Webinar to learn how you can apply data virtualization to analytics projects and workloads. You will hear use case examples, best practices, and insights into technology trends.

David Stodder

Cloud or On Premises for Analytics: Why Not Choose Hybrid?

View this TDWI Webinar and learn why a hybrid architecture could be the best choice for agile and scalable analytics. This webinar will discuss key issues to consider in making the choice as well as TDWI research about what peer organizations are doing.

David Stodder

How to Design a Data Lake with Business Impact in Mind

In this webinar you will learn what organizations need from a data lake and how to accommodate data labs, sandboxes, self-service, and other data exploration approaches. You'll also learn how business requirements deeply affect data lake design patterns and system architectures, plus how most data lakes integrate tightly with data warehouses, analytics repositories, marketing campaign and channel data, and other enterprise data environments.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Modern Data Architectures to Support Modern Analytics

View this webinar to hear from a lively panel of experts, including a representative from Dell, about the journey to both self-service and advanced analytics utilizing a modern architecture.

Fern Halper, Ph.D.

Dell EMC, SAP and Intel

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