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TDWI Webinars on Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics

TDWI Webinars deliver unbiased information on pertinent issues in the big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics industry. Each live Webinar is roughly one hour in length and includes an interactive question-and-answer session following the presentation.

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New Data and New Use Cases Powered by the Modern Data Warehouse

Learn about business-driven use cases uniquely supported by a modern data warehouse and new technologies that bring operations and analytics closer to real time. Explore how new data sources, structures, and latencies are forcing an evolution of enterprise data you can leverage for business advantage.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Migrating Analytics Systems from On Premises to the Cloud

Are your on-premises data warehousing and analytics applications ready to move to the cloud? We’ll explore why different apps need different migration scenarios, alternatives for prioritizing eligible systems, migration challenges, and how to develop and implement successful migration plans.

David Loshin

Data Tiering for Managing Complex Environments

In this introduction to structural data tiering, we will examine the characteristics and trade-offs of memory and storage tiers and how to assign and maintain storage layers. We will discuss the advantages and techniques for achieving a multilayered data system for large data warehouses.

David Loshin

Data Integration in a Multicloud World: How to Find the Needle in a Haystack

Learn how to reshape your data integration strategy to deliver the right data to the right users faster. Learn the secrets to well-governed, trusted, high-quality data, why data catalogs are important, and best strategies for multicloud data integration to support analytics, AI, and machine learning.

David Stodder

Automation First as a Strategy for Data Warehouse Modernization: Achieving Productivity and Flexibility via Modern Tools and Methods

Data warehouse automation tools enable enterprises to work more productively and flexibly. Learn what data warehouse automation is and does, how such efforts work together, and how an “automation first” strategy enables you to achieve development and operations -- not just platform -- goals.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

The Modernization of the Data Warehouse: Tackling New Architectures for New Use Cases in Analysis and Operations

Business innovation requires bigger and better data which is driving the need to update legacy warehouse designs. We’ll explore critical success factors in DW modernization, including drivers and use cases, new platforms for data management, and the role of cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

Modernizing the Logical Data Warehouse

This webinar will explore what a logical data warehouse is and does, the role hybrid data architectures play, and why you need to upgrade the logical, virtual, semantic, and service layers of your DW architecture to support today’s multicloud, hybrid environments.

Philip Russom, Ph.D.

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