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BI This Week

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How Sensor-Generated Data Enhances Your Data Warehouse's Value

Incorporating sensor-based data into our data warehouse will provide new and greatly expanded analysis capabilities -- and raise age-old concerns.

Data Digest: Small Business, Small Data, Big Results

What data to analyze first, plus big data for small businesses and securing data in a virtualized world.

Data Digest: Building Data Warehouses Faster, Securing Data in the Cloud

How automation can accelerate your data warehousing project, plus tips for securing your data in the cloud.

Data Digest: Big Data as a Service, Predictive Analytics Results Too Good to be True, and Putting Data First

Predictive analytics' future will depend on providing more accurate and realistic results. Plus how to dramatically improve your data warehouse and the rise of big-data-as-a-service.

Data Digest: Hiring Data Scientiests, Dealing with Petabytes of Data, and Keeping Data Safe

Tricks for hiring the right data scientist plus storing large amounts of data and doing it safely.

Preparing Data for the Self-Service Analytics Experience

Self-service tools should help IT offload some responsibilities to users, thereby reducing the backlog and giving users the flexibility they seek.

Report: Data Virtualization Market is Strong

The data virtualization space is teeming, peopled by feature-rich platforms from Cisco, Denodo, IBM, and Informatica as well as a few upstarts.

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