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Upside 411 is a new blog from TDWI that delivers timely, relevant, actionable information on how to transform data into intelligence, insight, and ultimately impact within any enterprise.

It provides executives and business leaders with the information they need to understand, adopt, and profit from today's technologies that power business intelligence, analytics, and data management strategies. From big data to Hadoop, predictive analytics to data integration, Upside explains the technology, explores best practices, uncovers impactful functional applications, and explains the techniques organizations can use in their own environment to drive smarter, more profitable decision making.

Upside is also devoted to the IT leaders, developers, and implementers from data scientists and visualization developers to technology architects, BI architects, and data architects. Upside helps these IT pioneers and practitioners create new data ecosystems to support the evolution of technology, turn new technologies into applications, and applications into revenue- and decision-enhancing tools that improve the bottom line.

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