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TDWI Seminars take our world-class education on the road to provide in-depth, actionable analytics, data science, and data management training when and where it's convenient to you. Whether you are embarking on a new analytics project, building a data strategy from the ground up, or wanting to dive deeper into the world of advanced analytics and machine learning, TDWI Seminars offer you a range of courses focused on the skills and techniques at the heart of successful implementations.

Take advantage of one-on-one instructor interaction in cities across North America or from the comfort of your desk—explore the virtual classroom options! Every seminar location in 2019 offers virtual learning except Data Visualization, Dashboards & Analytics Adoption in Vancouver and Minneapolis.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote participants will receive all course material via a digital mimeo library. These digital materials will not expire and are available digitally only for virtual participants (not available for print or download). At time of registration, you will have the option of selecting in person or virtual registration.


Upcoming TDWI Seminars

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  • Seminar BI & Analytics Reporting Essentials TDWI Washington D.C. Seminar

    BI & Analytics Reporting Essentials

    Washington, DC
    April 15–17, 2019
    Registration Closes April 12

    Washington, DC / Virtual Classroom Get up to speed on using analytics to drive insights and measure performance with effective dashboards. Attend this new seminar to learn the frameworks for making business intelligence programs that drive success. Join us in DC or online!

  • Seminar Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Machine Learning Bootcamp

    Boston, MA
    May 13–15, 2019
    Registration Closes May 10

    Boston / Virtual Classroom Attend TDWI’s new three-day Machine Learning Bootcamp online or in Boston and earn a certificate! Learn how to classify different types of machine learning problems, data manipulation and cleaning in Python, plus how to apply ML in practical ways.

  • Seminar BI Program Management Essentials

    BI Program Management Essentials

    New York, NY
    June 10–12, 2019
    Save 10% by May 10

    New York / Virtual Classroom This seminar will walk you through the foundations of BI and analytics, processes and best practices for gathering project requirements, and how to tackle the complexities of implementing and managing your own BI or analytics project. Attend online or in New York City!

  • Seminar Data Management: Governance, Quality, & Integration Kansas City, MO

    Data Management: Governance, Quality, & Integration

    Kansas City, MO
    June 17–19, 2019
    Save 10% by May 17

    Kansas City / Virtual Classroom Clearly define your frameworks for success, accelerate your data governance practice, and improve your data quality skills with an engaging, high-impact learning experience at the Data Management Essentials seminar. Attend online or in Kansas City!

  • Seminar Business Analytics Essentials

    Business Analytics Essentials

    Toronto, ON
    July 15–17, 2019
    Save 10% by June 14

    Toronto / Virtual Classroom Over the three days of the Business Analytics Foundations seminar, you will learn the cornerstones of analytics, dive into the capabilities of predictive analytics, and gain essential skills for effectively communicating your findings through data visualization. Attend online or in Toronto!

  • Seminar Data Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption TDWI Minneapolis Seminar

    Data Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption

    Minneapolis, MN
    August 5–7, 2019
    Save 10% by June 28

    Minneapolis Do your dashboards really drive insight and bring value? In this popular three-day seminar, learn about the UX of analytics, how to build a BI dashboard that answers critical business questions, and create a solid framework for a repeatable process. Join us in Minneapolis!

  • Seminar Building Your Data Strategy

    Enterprise Data Strategy Workshop

    Seattle, WA
    August 26–27, 2019
    Save 10% by July 26

    Seattle / Virtual Classroom Are you drowning in data? What you need is a plan. Join us for a two-day, intensive workshop focused on developing a successful BI and analytics data strategy. Learn what needs to be included, aligning goals with the analytics and data sharing needs of the company. Attend online or in Seattle!

  • Seminar Data Modeling Essentials TDWI Denver Seminar

    Data Modeling Essentials

    Denver, CO
    September 9–11, 2019
    Save 10% by August 9

    Denver / Virtual Classroom 

  • Seminar BI & Analytics Reporting Essentials Chicago, IL

    BI & Analytics Reporting Essentials

    Chicago, IL
    October 7–9, 2019
    Save 10% by September 6

    Chicago / Virtual Classroom 

  • Seminar Dimensional Modeling Essentials TDWI San Francisco Seminar

    Dimensional Modeling Essentials

    San Francisco, CA
    October 21–23, 2019
    Save 10% by September 20

    San Francisco / Virtual Classroom 

  • Seminar Business Analytics Essentials

    Business Analytics Essentials

    Dallas, TX
    December 9–11, 2019
    Save 10% by November 8

    Dallas / Virtual Classroom